Dog Training : How to Train Your Dog to Lie Down

Training a dog to lie down involves treats and positive reinforcement, leading the dog into a down position with a treat or toy before using the words “lie d…

20 Responses to Dog Training : How to Train Your Dog to Lie Down

  • Felicia Apodaca says:

    My Yorkie just stands back up. Have any tips?

  • barkingmadtraining says:

    Start with your dog in a sitting position. Hold a piece of food directly in
    front of his nose. Say your dog’s name and quickly move the piece of food
    to the floor right next to the dog’s front paws. As the dog slides down to
    get the food say “down”. Make sure you move the food right next to the
    dog’s paws, because if the food is too far away the dog will get up to move
    to the food.

  • Emily B says:

    UGHHHHH didnt work all she did was wen i put thetreat on the flore she just
    puts her head on the flore she doesnt move her front legs what so ever help

  • Emily B says:

    @juanuqz9292 i have a shih tzu who knows how to sit, sit pretty, give paw,
    spin(chase tail) n high 5 and a char-pei who can comunicate with cats by
    grunting and i love cocka spaniels

  • Huy Ha says:

    wow it worked..ur dogs suck!

  • sergeantcupcake11 says:

    my dog the moment she lays down she hops back up in like two seconds

  • badestnmbarbie says:

    it worked lol

  • MsPussycatlover says:

    Wooooo Rhodesian ridgebacks are awesome I have one too

  • Emily B says:

    @andrewl3779 i’d try saying `no’ or shaking ur head when he/she gives paw
    and when he/she eats the treat tap not hit the nose it wont hurt ur dont it
    will just give him/her the idia she/he shoudnt be doing it

  • lanky619 says:

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  • Rawhide Kobayashi says:

    @TheFizzyfrog move it forward, and if that doesn’t work, just push a little
    on their shoulders, not too much, but enough to let them know what you want.

  • WiLLitWORK1 says:

    my dog is a english bulldog she only uderstands hand signs

  • 4444Puppylover says:

    Guys, the reason why your dogs are not doing it might be because you might
    not be bringing their nose to the ground or you are moving the treat to
    fast. Always remember to only reward your dog if they are in the correct
    position. It takes lots of patience! Good luck! 🙂

  • CloudyLight786 says:

    Thanks, my dogs can sit, give paw and beg.

  • MistressFray says:

    My dog will sit…for a second. On the other hand she learned “touch”
    really quickly. Laying…that’s gonna take a while.

  • AJ Taute says:

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  • Malia Gerrell says:

    when she sits and i start bringing down the treat like u did .. she stands

  • lord1087 says:


  • Bart Devriese says:

    @luegim1 in soviet russia i would be millionaire

  • LeonShepard says:

    I tried it, but my dog just wants to shag my leg. Dutty get


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