Dog Training : How to Train a Puppy to Go Potty Outside

When a dog is going potty outside, the owner should use a word that they are comfortable using, so that the dog associates that word with going to the bathro… – Unleashed Unlimited Dog Training offers top-quality dog training in the Austin, Texas area. Unleashed Unlimited offers a ful…
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30 Responses to Dog Training : How to Train a Puppy to Go Potty Outside

  • Rudy hernandez says:

    Your dog just released on my computer!! Come here and clean this up

  • Surbhi Suman says:

    hey… Thanks for sharing the info here…. I have a problem with my doggy
    which i am facing,i got a lab puppy 1.5 months old 1 month back as he was
    very small,he was not allowed to outside as he might get infected for the
    first few days he used to pee and poop all over the house after some days i
    trined him to do on carpets and from last 10-12 days i am taking him
    outside for pee and poop he use to pee atlest 10-15 times a day and poop
    for 4-5 times a day which i dont find normal… and when ever i will take
    him outside he will pee outside and after coming inside of house he will
    again pee after 10-12 mins,

    i use to give him treat (dog biscuits) evertime he use to do poop or pee
    outside i really dont understand why he is not learning, it seems he is too
    comfortable in doing it inside house which i wanna break…please tell me
    which extra measures i can apply……

    the main issue is he dont use to make any sound or any gesture for
    anything,either it be food,pee or poop


    that kinda helped but very little

  • Shawn Skeete says:

    Release the beast

  • Rudy hernandez says:

    That dog just release the demon

  • JaidaJustice3456 says:

    Imma start using release for my puppy lmao

  • cher lloyd lover says:

    so basically you are just saying realize

  • Stanley Luong says:

    i am trying to train my 4month old maltipoo to potty outside! any hints or
    tips? he has been trained indoors, but he just started to lift his leg up
    and its getting every where 🙁 

  • alma martinez says:

    but you dont show us how you train to potty outside by the way
    im a kid girl

  • geoffrey baum says:

    how many days does it take to train him

  • BabyGrl4u1 says:

    very good 🙂

  • tiger mir says:

    you can never make a dog do the business on command. Its best to allow your
    dog to go in the yard when they wanna poo.

  • HaroonKhan610 says:

    he has problem in to go potty it gets stuck in the middle

  • Tia stephens says:

    Hehe! He poo!

  • lVlrChen says:


  • Evelyn R. Knox says:

    It’s very unpleasant if your canine keeps jumping on people.

  • Anthony Urbanski says:

    My Celie has been a gem,we have never had a problem, she comes EVERY TIME i
    call her she is great with tiny dogs seen’s she is a Pitbull i am great
    full for your service……see you again.

  • mcltuber says:

    GSPs rule, I have a great one too.

  • Paul Sulinski says:

    Davonyn, thanks for the feedback. I do this for a living, but the method
    itself is very easy to understand and practice. Once you understand why and
    how to use the collar, your imagination is the only thing that will hold
    you and your dog back.

  • chiligirl1985 says:

    its amazing to watch how great relationship you and your dog have. i got a
    dog 4 days ago,but there is a lot of training to do. i hope one day i get
    it as far with her as you did even tho i dont know how im gonna do that
    just yet. lovely video,honestly!

  • armadamusic87 says:

    0:57 is the best part of the video 😛 great dog man… god bless you

  • travelmoto says:


  • winwin17 says:


  • acchabachha says:

    really cool training man keep it up

  • SteinbaumGSD says:

    Excellent work, by both human and canine. Nice team.

  • butopiatoo says:

    great GSP. Hope she has excellent hips with those high jumps. How much of
    this was e-collar work vs baited? really amaizing energy.

  • poptart76227 says:

    I just started my career in dog training as a certified dog trainer and I
    LOVE it! Where is your training facility located? I would love to find out
    more about your methods. I am just trying to talk to as many trainers as
    possible to see what works and what doesn’t.

  • 54spiritedwill54 says:

    that dog is soo sweat! Weimeramers are so cute!

  • superman3221 says:

    omg dude awsome i wish my dog knew that how did u do it?

  • Paul Sulinski says:

    Louie is a German Shorthaired Pointer


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