Train a blind dog in much the same way a seeing dog is trained, by reinforcing positive behavior with a motivational treat. Get a blind dog’s attention durin…

5 Responses to Dog Training : How to Train a Blind Dog

  • sandramiller3 says:

    thanks for posting there is not alot of info on the blind dogs and iam
    happy to get has much help and tips to make sure my pup feels safe and happy

  • Tomsolna says:

    Have a look at my videos training my blind dog – jumping in and out of the
    care, walking the stairs, being in front of me in the forest, swimming,
    finding things etc It is a bit too long. My videos can be found under
    Tomsolna Blind and happy dog.

  • Redeemer Briffa says:

    i have a blind dog i love him like he is seeing me he is very cute when i
    call him he come against me dogs are very nice ; )

  • Melanie Greenwood says:

    It takes a while for a dog to learn new commands.

  • vlxxx says:

    Ridiculous. This is the same poodle she is training to be a guard dog that
    doesn’t bite? Is this dog blind? She gave the ‘down’ command twice and the
    dog ignored her. She gives it a treat and points to the floor. Still
    nothing. So is this dog trained at all? Is this the one blind dog trained
    to hand signals? I think the dogs conning her.


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