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17 Responses to Dog Training: How to Teach your Dog to ring a bell to be let outside, For Charles and Alli

  • Kayla S. Harry says:

    My pals has created the in depth guides to guide your dog grew to become
    alpha dog. It took him 7 years to learn, I believe every dog owners will
    need to learn.

  • JuJuBea161 says:

    My dog doesn’t indicate when he has to go out; he just holds it. Can he
    learn this?

  • Sonia McCLain says:

    How do I fix that

  • Corina Young says:

    My 3 month old boxer isn’t putting the two and two together, she knows ring
    the bell and knows potty is outside. But she doesn’t understand that if she
    rings the bell we will take her to the bathroom. how do i give her the
    opportunity to communicate with me if she can’t connect the two things?

  • Tyson Boardman says:

    How do you teach an outside dog to be inside and not chew
    Things inside?? 

  • Hannah Elizabeth says:

    my coonhound literally hates going outside. this would work for my other
    two though.

  • Randomness 5000 says:

    Do you think u could do a video for me? My dogs is scared of the bell when
    I put it close to her. 

  • Faith Bond says:

    If dogs were abused by there pervious owner how do u get them back to that
    good playful mode again

  • Sonia McCLain says:

    My dog knows how to ring the bell but if I take him to a house without a
    bell he will sit by the door for 3 sec walk away then he will just pi on
    the carpet 

  • Jayme Lovess says:

    OMG CTFXC!!!!

  • ssampat says:

    We have a four month old puppy who is a very quick learner, who isn’t
    totally potty trained yet. We’re hoping that if we bell train him he will
    be able to tell us that he needs to go. He already goes to the door, but
    then he’ll just pee right at the door. The only problem is he doesn’t
    particularly like going outside. What should we do to get him to learn that
    the bell means going outside to pee? 

  • Joel Lopez says:

    Your videos make me incredibly happy. 😀
    I can’t wait to teach my dog all these new things. Starting off with Sit,
    and Touch. Then gradually the bell! :D

  • Kara Baker says:

    This definitely works. We taught our dog to do this and it was great..
    until he started ringing it not only when he had to go to the bathroom, but
    EVERY time he wanted to go outside.. which was ALL THE TIME! Needless to
    say we eventually took the bell down.

  • Jordan McGee says:

    Can you show us how to teach our dogs to play duck duck goose?

  • Steph J. says:

    I’m a huge CTFxCer and I just came on here to check out the training and
    look at that it’s Char. I can’t escape him lol

  • Alex Martinez says:

    Would it be a lot tougher, or would it be smart for that matter, to teach
    your dog to just open the door instead?

  • Zoe Kasfeldt says:

    What do you do if the dog rings the bell when they don’t need to go to the
    bathroom or if they do it just to get attention?


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