Training a dog to leave it, or to avoid touching and sniffing unwanted stuff, can be a difficult behavior to discipline, but patience and practice with dog f…

23 Responses to Dog Training : How to Teach Your Dog to Leave It

  • Cynthia Daiboch says:

    Great videos.. I am using it as a refresher to train my puppy.. as it has
    been over 10 years since I trained a puppy
    thanks !

  • Rachel Stephenson says:

    This video was great. I used it to train my dog to leave it and it worked
    like a charm. She knew the trick perfectly within 20 minutes and it’s one
    of her best tricks. Love this video! 

  • Savard Avenger says:

    your videos are informative, and you are cute too,,, thanks

  • GDL188 says:

    but how else would you do it? hit the dog every time it tries to get the
    food? that’s just going to make it scared of you. and scared of being
    touched by hands. her method is the accepted one for all dog trainers and
    the kennel club.

  • Mr0HeRsHeYs says:

    that u need a clicker and that the dogs is gonna expect a treat everytime

  • vicg26 says:

    with regards to your comment have you stop to think that maybe just maybe
    1) she has only just recently got the dogs and their previous owners
    neglected to instill any training? 2) again same answer as above 3) once
    again same answer as above we don’t know the background on any of the dogs
    in the video they could be from a rescue shelter and she is helping to
    train them

  • RompePopola809 says:

    no but that method is stupid and no your not gonna end up being cruel to
    your dog cuz if that was true then our parents were cruel too us

  • Gary Pal says:

    can i use a pen as a clicker?

  • RompePopola809 says:

    did i ever say anything about beating noo read things carefully before

  • uglyfunface8 says:

    this helped alot 🙂

  • iallancastillo says:


  • TheChillReeferMan says:

    @pimpo911 yes

  • M Hinkel says:

    It seems like most of her videos teach the dog instant gratification.

  • hilowle86 says:

    @ramseybenachour Hmm….if I had to guess from the video, I’d say shes a
    Anatolian Shepherd pup…

  • vicg26 says:

    ’embellished imaginative scenario’ how the hell do you know WHY these dogs
    aren’t trained to YOUR standard? as for whether or not she is or isn’t
    attempting to correct certain habits, dogs don’t do well if you try
    teaching to much at once, she obviously thought this training needed doing
    now and since SHE is the qualified trainer you should pipe down and butt out

  • TheJoeAndAmber says:

    if you want your dog to sit and lay down come to my channel and watch my

  • EMINEM2010JUNINHO says:

    is that Kangal dog… love them

  • KatrinaDi says:

    @gagothesith Maybe he’s a work-in-progress? That’s why she was using him
    for the video.

  • gagothesith says:

    Pipe down with your embellished-imaginative scenarios. There are bad habits
    one is attempting to correct, and then there are bad habits one is not even
    attempting to correct or is in fact encouraging–guess which one I was
    referring to.

  • BattlefeildBeast says:

    he gonnaget fat

  • Derick Shamblin says:

    @xpiecemealx You only see the couple minutes she’s doing the preliminary
    training. The goal is to extend the duration of the command before the
    treat giving, and then eventually wean the dog from treats all together, so
    praise alone satisfies the dog. Eventually the dog takes the basically
    skills learned in this video and extends them over minutes. The training
    process takes weeks for the dog to really master.

  • Channing Tatum OFFICIAL says:

    How do I teach my dog to leave my room mates cat alone?

  • RompePopola809 says:

    i taught my dog the meaning of the word no by everytime h e tries to get
    something hes not supposed to i walk real close up to him forcing him to
    step back and everytime he tries to get something hes not supposed to i
    tell him no and he understands theres plenty of methods to train you dog
    without treats or gay clickers look at cesar milan he uses no treats or


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