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This is why using a rattle bottle to stop your dog from misbehaving is a bad idea For our FREE Ebook related to this topic follow this link http://inthedogho…

24 Responses to Dog Training: How (and Why) to Teach Hand Targeting

  • richard jones says:

    superb vid stunning horse of a dane by the way

  • Crystal Auton says:

    Great info! We’ll start practicing more today! 

  • Deborah Campbell says:

    Great video. I was looking for a video to send someone who is having
    trouble ‘getting’ her dog off the sofa (using force) so this is perfect. I
    did a search on hand targeting and sofa and your popped up – thanks!

  • Jenna Leigh says:

    Sooooo, what about if you’re not using the shaker can as punishment? What
    if your dog gets into a fit of barking or is fixated on something – can’t a
    shaker effectively be used to interrupt the behavior, providing you with a
    momentary situation to reward the dog for having stopped? It’s not about
    scaring the dog, it’s about giving them an opportunity to be
    rewarded…which is a positive method.

  • netit says:

    What about training your dog to find the “noisy” pouch? 😉 May be useful
    for dogs scared of noises…

  • Shauna Taylor says:

    My jack Chill says that the best thing to do with a plastic bottle is to
    play fetch and tug with it until it is completely crinkle free. And putting
    things in it to rattle makes it even more excited. He prefers treats though
    not coins.

  • dogert66 says:

    Hahaha me too. I came to this after the shock collar and choke chain video
    and was thinking how hypocritical until I heard the last part. 😛 Thumbs up
    for sure!

  • Nando Brown says:

    I’ll see what I can do 🙂

  • captmicha says:

    Using a rattle can for scaring a dog is stupid but I could possibly
    understand the value of the strange noise for a distractible dog. But even
    so, I wouldn’t use one as there’s too much startle potential. If you’ve got
    a really distractible dog that you haven’t had a chance to work on focus
    issues yet, you can just use a high pitched whistle. It’s an unusual noise
    that cuts through their distraction without scaring them.

  • Zurison says:

    Any tips for how to use ‘training aids’ a.k.a. chains in little pouches
    that you throw near or at your dog? 😉

  • c0boy says:

    Great vid!

  • Nando Brown says:

    Mutually exclusive behaviours are a great way of preventing other
    behaviours you don’t like. The sit rocks! Thanks for the kind words

  • musicofnote1 says:

    Absolutely brilliant – Nando ROCKS!

  • DrSarahTalksPets says:

    Agreed. Fear in training is unethical and often ineffective. Reward the
    good, prevent or ingnore the bad.

  • Christopher Johnnson says:

    Love your videos! They are funny and very educating!

  • CrueLoaf says:

    I think this video has rattled a few people’s cans! Rattled a few folk’s

  • Nando Brown says:

    You seem very sure of yourself @equine 2008…..why exactly am I a dog

  • Paula Nowak says:

    Ha! I saw the title and thought I was going to have to “thumbs down”, but
    to my surprise you’ve explained why this technique isn’t one to use.
    Brilliant! Teach your dog what you want them TO do vs. what NOT to do and
    have a good relationship with your pup.

  • Paula Nowak says:

    Of course! I’d give you two thumbs up if I could.

  • Harley Harrington says:

    I agree with this video, I teach my dogs to sit, there are 100 things your
    dog can’t do when he is sitting. Great video!

  • Nando Brown says:

    I got another one ready to go but not sure when to launch it!

  • Equine2008 says:


  • Nando Brown says:

    Why thank you kind sir!

  • TNRsaveslives says:

    OMG YOU TRICKED ME. I was so ready to watch this and tell you I expected
    better LOL! smh


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