Dog Training Group Class, Dog Whisperer Style

Dog Training Group Class Done with a Dog Whisper. Students learn to train like a dog whisperer in this video of group dog training classes done at K9-1. Thes…

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  • Nguyen Nhi says:

    First and foremost, you need to know your dog’s behaviour plus treat your
    dog as the way they think if you want to put an end to the unexpected
    biting, chewing, digging from your dog.

  • vidgirl4444 says:

    thats awesome do you TREAT them???

  • anticravity says:

    At what age should one start to train a Rottweiler or Schäferhund?

  • Amy P says:

    Wow that’s awesome. However, I’m curious about what is around Ruby and
    Cody’s necks. Hard to tell, but it looks like a corrective collar, whether
    that be e-collar, citronella-collar, or whatever else. I’m trusting you
    when you say no harsh methods are used… Not meaning to jump to any
    conclusions, but what else could these collars be?

  • orangcurl says:

    Praise and food are not the only altertatives. harsh corrections are not

  • orangcurl says:

    I trained mine as doGs creation.

  • thewowhelper says:

    im near you guys

  • amberdragonstar says:

    Do you use no food at all?

  • Eric Chen says:

    Do you guys have experience with greyhounds?

  • Dog Training by says:

    Watch the video “foundation style dog training (k9-1)” We use the full
    spectrum of dog training tools. But, we teach how to use everything in the
    most humane way as possible.Our “leash ninja” video gives a good example of
    how we do leash corrections in a way that are safe and not “harsh”. Even
    ecollars can be used at levels that the average person cannot detect on
    their own fingertips.Our clients can choose what they feel comfortable with
    and we show them the right way to use it.

  • JARVIS AICPU says:

    @anticravity as early as possible. normally most start learning very
    quickly at about 3months but some start earlier.

  • SpiritoftheGauntlets says:

    I love the way you train these animals! It’s rare these days to find
    trainers who actually know that we are the ones responsible for these
    animals! Where are you located? I have a german shepherd/rottweiler mix I’m
    training now, but it might be nice to have a professional opinion.

  • Amy P says:

    I’ve used a prong collar on my dog and definitely found it helpful in
    training the heel at first. I phased it out eventually… but he still
    could use some work. I’m not really against these; I agree that if used it
    should be responsible and humane. Was just curious if these dogs in your
    video got to where they are without tools like that, although I guess I
    implied that if you were using them it must be harsh. Oops.

  • thinklikeadog says:

    Thank you, very much.

  • marigam says:

    Nice to see such a little dog properly training! Because of their size
    people usually let them wreck havoc on the dogs and guests around them.

  • thinklikeadog says:

    Any suggestions for getting the word out that TV’s “Dog Whisperer” is not a
    whisperer at all? I’m a “quiet” dog trainer in Vermont. Although his
    techniques change a dogs behavior, it really bothers me that people believe
    that what he does is that of a whisperer. I try to explain the origin of
    the term to those who ask about or refer to the TV program. What do you
    suggest? Thanks.

  • cristohv says:

    you should have left the “god’s crestion” out

  • Dog Training by says:

    . Thanks for the compliment. we’re in Peekskill, New York. .

  • AVALONZ74 says:

    ” as god’s creation ” ? Idiot.

  • Fleefles says:

    Mmm, breaded dog.

  • AVALONZ74 says:

    @cristohv Agree


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