The six basic canine commands in German with pronunciations. Chief Rickson Douglas is my black purebred german shepherd personal protection dog.
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12 Responses to Dog Training: German Commands- #1 in the World

  • SuperMario1 says:

    Hey guys, thanks alot! Chief Rickson Douglas looks like he is a little
    tired of training German, Spanish, Czech, and personal protection! He is
    ready to go hang out at Dogwood Park! Check out his ‘Dances with Canines’
    or self titles videos! Sub n have a stellar day! 

  • Sandra Kipp says:

    What if someone goes on the Internet or YouTube and learns those commands?
    Then what would you do? Hhmmmmm

  • Luke Cady says:

    Work on your German a bit more man, but other than that good job.

  • Anthony Hughes says:

    good vidieo.. audio no tto good.

  • MsNan000 says:

    not a happy dog…

  • SpiderBat says:

    Your dog is so amazing! I wish I could teach my dog to do any of that,
    especially to fuss. He is a purebred German Shepherd too but he just wont
    listen, he just tries to bite my hands and acts crazy all the time lol! He
    is a puppy though so I wonder if that has anything to do with it. Oh and a
    question, If I started to teach him how to sit in english (which he does
    listen to sometimes) can I change the language to german and not confuse

  • kclemens767767 says:

    wow. lmfao.

  • diantae says:

    Good work

  • SuperMario1 says:

    Thanks alot 4 the comments. keep training hard. coach cory

  • Candice Cunningham says:

    Thank you, I wish you would do another view with a little better audio, but
    it a good video, thank you for uploading =)

  • SuperMario1 says:

    Whats your weight billy ray cyrus? He is 105 pounds of solid steel, tyro!
    How many languages do you know, probably barely one and Chief is on his
    4th! Try doing some research so you don’t appear so obtuse in the future!

  • shaymus crow says:

    beautiful dog.


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