Dog Training: Fetch - Improving the Retrieve

Has your game of fetch gone from chase-the-ball to chase-the-dog? Chad Culp, Certified Dog Trainer and Canine Behavior Specialist will review some tips to he…

11 Responses to Dog Training: Fetch – Improving the Retrieve

  • ThrivingCanine says:

    JckDupp – I try not to use treats with the retrieve, as the game itself
    should be the reward, but in some cases it can be helpful. If you need the
    treats for some reason I would fade them out asap. 

  • M Ugarte says:

    What if you don’t want to purchase a 50 ft. leash?

  • Williamandkayla Thompson says:

    So my dog fetches the ball but brings it and drops it about 5 feet in front
    of me and takes off to beat the throw, how do i get it to bring it right to

  • JckDupp says:

    Is it OK to use treats for successful retrievals, above and beyond praise,
    and if so when should treating end ?

  • Chad Culp says:

    I generally try to avoid using food with the retrieve but there are
    exceptions. Please also see my video on teaching the dog to give the item
    back (aka “drop it” or whatever word you choose) 

  • Jinx and Me says:

    What if the dog drops the ball before it gets back? 

  • bestsnowboarderuknow says:

    My Golden will always run after it but he doesn’t pick it up. Let alone
    bring it back. He’s pretty young though so I’m hoping he’ll get it soon.
    Not sure how to assist him in learning sooner though.

  • eenavid says:

    i taught my dog to chase its plastic blue bone,,but he wont pick it up.??

  • Markus Steph says:

    But what if the dog holds the ball and wants you to try and take it out of
    the mouth, so it becomes a pulling competition?

  • Milane Sine says:

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  • Stephanie Bui says:

    Hi Chad! I am having trouble with my puppy picking up the ball. He likes it
    but he’s too lazy to put it in his mouth. He’d rather play chase.. does
    that mean I should give up on fetch completely?


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