Dog Training Video – Learn about the different types of dog training collars. Pros and cons of using a choke collar discussed in this video.
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15 Responses to Dog Training Equipment – Choke Collars

  • Embery13 says:

    Good on you! There are so many better ways to teach heelwork.

  • yseye says:

    I can’t use choke chains on either of my Chihuahuas because their tracheas
    can be so easily damaged. I have them both on harnesses to avoid that sort
    of problem, but harnesses just exacerbate the pulling when we go for walks.
    And, to add yet another problem, one of my dogs is a Houdini and can escape
    from her harness no matter how snug I make it… so, I’m not sure what to

  • Marco Ma says:

    Eric, I am curious about what kind of collar is your favorite when it comes
    to training? And how do you give correction normally? I have tried every
    type of collar, flat ones, martingale, pinch collar, choke collar and
    gentle leader. My dog is used to the pressure of martingale and choke
    collar and I end up with the pinch collar now. But I would hate it very
    much if he needs to wear it for the rest of his life. Thank you for all the
    great sharings!

  • cristinawithout says:

    What you say is only true in cases abuse. There’s a big difference. Dogs
    naturally use bites to communicate when a behavior is undesired. You can’t
    reason with a dog any more than you can tell a 2 year old why they
    shouldn’t grab a boiling pot on the stove. Some behaviors can be change via
    treats, but some can’t. The small amount of pain that training and ecollars
    cause when properly used is much less than the injuries to both dogs and
    people that can come from neglecting training.

  • myfuckingscreenname1 says:

    Do you recommend something other than a choke or pinch collar for a pulling
    dog? My bull terrier love to jerk me everywhere… But I wont use a choke
    collar, and I rally dont like the pinch collars so much either. Would a
    harness or one of those head collars work ??

  • bombathreats says:

    is it okay using prong collar for smalll breeds like standard size

  • Eric Johnson says:

    I use a choke collar, but I only recommend it for those know how properly
    use it. People should first realize these are train tools and not like you
    standard collar. I see to many people letting their dogs pratically kill
    themselves using these devices. Make sure the collars at the top of the
    neck. The lease should be completely loose except for when you are do a
    split seconds corretion(releasing immediately).

  • TigerG2 says:


  • nixxi1980 says:

    This is true what he is saying, but this is why we use a choke as a tool
    while teaching the dog what heel and other commands are, then we graduate
    the dog off the choke. it should not be a lifelong tool.

  • Stuff I Want to Share says:

    Speak for the few trainers that you know from pet stores! I know a
    wonderful trainer for Petsmart that is about to graduate with her masters
    in Behavior Analysis and I work for Petco and I’m sure I could train
    circles around you! Don’t make blank judgements based a few lack luster
    trainers… Many trainers for these stores are not the best, yes, but most
    are just starting out… there are a few of us that choose this profession
    due to the need for quality trainers in those niches!

  • ImGoingInSolo says:

    only for the idiots who don’t know how to use it!!! What should be illegal
    is e-collars

  • CrosstongueRJ says:

    you should try a prong instead. A GOOD prong will not affect the skin, its
    curve redirects pressure to avoid bruising. put a prong collar on your self
    and try it and then put a choke collar on your self and try it. Choke
    chain== badbad bruise Prong= just a ‘smack’ feeling but no bruising

  • MsLabMom says:

    The only thing that dogs can learn from the infliction of physical pain is
    terror, which is the same thing that we would learn.

  • 3sharky0623584 says:

    yea it is

  • akanou77 says:

    Why would you teach a chihuahua how to heal?! You pull it and it is like
    throwing it behind your back 😀


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