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4 Responses to Dog training – Confrontational Behavior Modification & Training Techniques

  • Jeanne S. Pryor says:

    You can train your dog when you take him or her out for a walk and see the
    way your family as well as your friends impress at how great your pet is.

  • Patty Sue Cooper says:

    I use a top ring harness when I need service dog Doggie to assist me up
    hills, on stairs up and down, and when he has to pull or brace. Other times
    I attach it to the front.for just walking and strolling. I do not
    understand why this would be a problem.

  • Sharon R. Grant says:

    Why do you say that a harness that attaches in the back is very stressful
    to a dog?

  • jmpdgs says:

    I generally reserve comments, however after 40 years of hands on experience
    I feel qualified to comment on this video. Nonsense


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