Dog Training - Competition Heeling, Episode 1

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A couple of you have been asking how I teach heel, so here it is! The first thing I work on is getting the dog to find the heel position. They have to be VER…

23 Responses to Dog Training – Competition Heeling, Episode 1

  • DrDemonology says:

    great video you are the best !

  • Chelsie Haeg says:

    If my dog isn’t lured by any treats what else should I try? She isn’t very
    food driven .. She is more driven by effection.. How could I use that to
    have her follow my hand .. Should I practice luring with her before trying

  • Ramble says:

    Click Click Click clickety click. So glad I learned dog training in the
    1970’s. What the F gonna happen when your clicker breaks and you run out
    of bribes.

  • karan munder says:

    Where can we get a clicker??

  • Trey Da Trainer says:

    Not all dogs are lured by treats.

  • Raven Monroe says:

    made me a subby

  • davistran510 says:

    Im currently teaching my dog a similar command, however instead of having
    her start from one of my side and have her circle to my other side to reach
    heel position.

    I’m just luring from when she’s ahead of me to start walking my direction
    then make a quick turn and end up on my heel.

    Is this wrong, and would it cause her to have problem generalizing how to
    reach heel position later on?

  • monkeybuisness98 says:

    How do you potie train ur dog.?

  • Carsen Young says:

    Which do you prefer? It’s you and your dog, so it can be whatever you like.
    A typical heel is with the dogs head or shoulder in line with your leg, but
    there is no right or wrong. Just reinforce whatever behavior it is that YOU

  • Jay Bronzeman says:

    THeres nothing wrong with having two dogs. however the training is
    different. You must train them separately until they have the basic
    obedience skills. you will know when their ready to learn together. For now
    a good Rule of THumb is to isolate them during training time. lock yourself
    in a room with one of them then switch them off. This will also establish
    that you are alpha of the pack, they will follow you and not seek each
    other for leadership.

  • 20hanban says:

    your a great trainer and solea obviously loves and trusts you alot.please
    may you do a video on how to train them to sit pretty?

  • krypto31o says:

    When i try to make my dog go around me with a treat he doesn’t follow it.
    He just sits down and thinks ill give it to him if he sits. Help me…..

  • SUPERMANGO19 says:

    OMG. THANK YOU. your videos on dog training are amazing. so detailed and to
    the point. i just joined a petsmart training class, and they dont even
    teach as well as you do! i think i might withdraw! haha ive only be to one
    class though XD thank you so much! my dog doesnt seem to follow my hand
    with the treat. how do you think i can make it work?

  • josski32 says:

    tab where do u get a treat baggie thingg.

  • mrernfuller says:

    these videos are very good, thank you, keep it up!

  • dodgerbuddy7 says:

    I not only LOVVVE your videos but even the format is great. You are quick
    and to the point. You show how to do the training with a dog and you are
    great at explaining the concept. Thanks for posting them. I will definitely
    come back and watch more!!

  • Smiling Rottweiler says:

    Great! Just the vid I was looking for, thanks 🙂

  • Ezio De Bona says:

    What are you doing exactly when you make the dog come left and right
    alternatively? Thanks

  • CocaCola65153 says:

    Hey tab could you do a vid on how to make the dog go through your legs like
    a figure 8 and keep going

  • Dizzie Blu says:

    Sorry bro.. You have no clue what the fuck you’re doing ! Just saying

  • Adnan Nouh says:

    Can I use a lighter instead of clicker ?

  • cutyoufirst says:

    I am not an expert but pausing helped me. For example “SEAT” wait 2-3
    seconds then treat. Good louck 🙂

  • Gator Pukinator says:

    i think he’s like….’oh a click….OH a treat… Hmmm i like that sound”


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