A video of myself showing how to condition your dog to being handled as a strange child would or a vet.
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  • Felicia Jarvis says:

    I know you posted this video a really long time ago, but I just got my
    first dog, a Pitbull/hound mix named Roxy (I had dogs as a kid so I’m not a
    total novice). She is about a year and a half old, and I adopted her from a
    local animal shelter about a month ago. I’m having a really hard time with
    her because during handling she gets very mouthy. She also likes to jump
    and nip at the same time. I took her to two different trainers just for a
    consult. One recommended ignoring her, the other recommended gently pushing
    her away. Both of those resulted in her actually getting MORE mouthy.
    Sometimes I can’t even pet her without her putting her mouth on me. Any
    advice for what I can do? I will keep trying this exercise with her and
    make sure I take it one tiny step at a time. Thank you for your videos. If
    I lived in Canada I would definitely be paying you a visit!!!! You’re so

  • MivMusseStudios says:

    Im also very happy that my Romeo (Bordercollie) also just handles kids
    perfectly fine 🙂 

  • Luchitina Rodriguez says:

    My puppy is naturally calm…. My 3 year old brother loves to poke
    everyone’s eyes especially my dogs eyes! My puppy will just either walk
    away or start barking quietly at me to get him off!!

  • Love To Train says:

    Do u take luna to the vet for yearly checkups or just when you feel

  • Joly M89 says:

    Im sure you do but you know that when you give her a treat and say ´´Good
    Girl´´ its basicly the same thing as a clicker. so much that people that
    dont have or use clickers do that instead and it works just as well.

  • Mauricio Cesar says:

    u is beautifull URS^^

  • Kristin Crestejo says:

    You’re somewhat correct. But generally’ good girl’ is not considered a
    secondary reinforcer to most dogs and a clicker is. Praise and marking a
    behaviour is a bit different. When a dog is conditioned to a clicker,
    praise is not marking the behaviour. If you use “good girl” as your marker
    then you would be correct, in my videos I use clickers or the word YES as a
    marker. Saying good girl is strictly praise for allowing me to handle with
    no reaction. If there was a reaction I would stop.

  • sporks, because why not? says:

    Whenever i do some of this with my dog she thinks i am play fighting with
    her so she plays with me which doesnt hurt but could be scary to others
    especially young kids :/

  • Kristin Crestejo says:

    You’re going too far, you need to stay below threshold (threshold being
    reacting in any way other then calmness). Do less to not have her react and
    reward. If she reacts, take your hand away and try again with less handling.

  • Kristin Crestejo says:

    This is only to help condition your dog to be more tolerant of mishandling.
    If any dog is attacked by another dog or person they will react however
    they seem fit – some dogs will run some will fight, you cannot control
    this. My advice is don’t worry so much about the “what if” , you’ll miss
    the best parts of owning a dog – to enjoy the time you have with them 🙂 If
    you love your dog and show him or her, they will protect you and love you
    10 X’s back.

  • NMindependent says:

    Last week we rescued a 2-3yo momma Border Collie/Heeler mix, instead of her
    puppy, because she was to be euthanized that day. We were told she may have
    been mistreated. Considering that she is kennel and house trained, sits,
    lays, loads (in the truck), stays, and a few others, I find that hard to
    believe. Either she is brilliant, or was trained. Questons: 1. Could she be
    trained this well and poorly treated? 2. She’s very tolerant already, but
    should we do this tolerance training with our kids?

  • celia garnica says:


  • shortymvp87 says:

    does that “good girl” thing works with ladys?! hehe… im just jokeing 😉
    nice videos btw

  • loobysmum1 says:

    Hi would this work with my 4 year old Collie. She is fine with people she
    knows but very timid and nervous of strangers which always puts me on edge

  • Joly M89 says:

    Oh ok. now I understand,THANKS!!!!

  • Coy Wilson says:

    How long should I train my dog each day using the clicker?

  • CynDA01 says:

    i hav a question. wil this keep my dog from protecting me or herself? for
    example another dog comes and bites her ears or her leg. OR a
    stranger/kidnapper pushes her pokes her in the eyes n tries to kidnap us.
    its a strang question but i would love to train my dog this but not hav her
    get hurt

  • nolannevada says:

    You are by far the best trainer I’ve seen on YouTube. I also like Kikopup’s
    video’s too, but yours are a bit easier to follow along with. I have a 9
    week old puppy coming home with me in 2 days. I am going to train her with
    the help of your videos! Thanks so much for the wonderful instructions!!!!!

  • Marti Darling says:

    Good Job! You are so right! Kids will do stuff and it happens so quickly
    sometimes. This is very important training. Thanks for doing this.

  • ShadowzGirlMC says:

    my mom is a vet so she handles the dogs and i dont think she is a sranger

  • Kristin Crestejo says:

    @loobysmum1 If she’s nervous around strangers in general, the handling
    isn’t going to help with that. Handling is for the dog to feel normal
    whilst being prodded at and tugged. What you would need is Leslie McDevitts
    Look At That Game which builds a positive association around strange
    people. People will = good instead of people = not sure. Just search the
    game on youtube.

  • Kristin Crestejo says:

    She will be 4 in October 2013

  • ZadTrax Productions says:

    Thanks sharing your great dog training and behavior videos. They are very
    helpful. Luna looks like a wonderful dog and has a great owner.

  • Love To Train says:

    Do you take luna to yearly vet checkups or do u just take get when u feel
    she needs it


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