How to teach your canine basic tracking!
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5 Responses to Dog Training: Basic Tracking

  • Karen Brooks says:

    Thank you .You gave me a very clear scent !lol Im going in!!

  • Luke Minix says:

    The problem with this is that it teaches the dog to eat stuff on a trail.
    That is not what you want the dog to do, especially if he is tracking a
    convict or someone running from the tracking unit. You also don’t want the
    dog tracking the scent of your hand, or the sent of the food that you have
    in your hand, what you want your dog to do is track the scent of the skin
    follicles (the target’s scent). My Bloodhound will track the person and
    leave behind anything food that may be on the trail.

  • SuperMario1 says:

    tyro Bringholz. try reading some basic k9 manuals to get started. vids are
    hard for some people to grasp cognitively. thanks 4 the comment and good

  • Brian Fischman says:

    the problem with training a dog to track like this, is they could end up
    picking up on the scent of the broken grass, and not the scent of the
    person laying the trail.

  • plusdoe says:

    nice video im working my gsd with similar technique


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