Learn how to get your dog’s attention for maximum training results. Watch this quick dog training video clip to learn how to get your dog’s attention. Don’t …

The Dog Squad has helped train Berkeley Dog and Puppy owners for over a decade. If you reside in the East Bay and Berkeley and have a dog or puppy that needs…
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10 Responses to Dog Training – Attention – (AmazingDogTrainingMan.com)

  • Brendan R. Quinn, Psy.D. says:

    @swatman1337 Ouch. Slapping a puppy in the face is abuse. You may just not
    be ready for the responsibility of properly caring for a dog. Perhaps the
    dog will have a chance at a happy life is you are able to re-home him.

  • Jake Moore says:

    Have you ever worked with service dogs?

  • Lazakriz says:

    WOW!!! Nice!

  • 1694852 says:

    Dogs have a strong pack instinct and apparently this dog feels that he is
    above you in the “pack” (people living in your household) however it seems
    your brother is above the dog in the “pack”. Practice some exercises to
    convince the dog you are above it and in command of it. Many websites and
    videos on here have tips on how to do this.

  • Eric Letendre says:

    Hi Maggiemagoo3, I just checked the website and it’s there.
    AmazingDogTrainingMan dot com. Thanks, Eric

  • Memzy K says:

    Hey, I have a 9 week old rottweiler puppy and It will only listen to my
    brother when hes around. The problem is, when he bites or holds on to one
    of us, he wont let go untill I slap/push him on the face, any tips of how
    to make it attack / get off on command? Thanks.

  • Sherry Garcia says:

    I tried it! we did it! TOTALLY AMAZING!

  • Eric Letendre says:

    Available on my website: AmazingDogTrainingMan dot com.

  • javixm says:

    are golden retrievers easier to train than german shepherds?

  • The Dog Squad says:


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