In case we have a dog in the room, toilet training is the most important for enjoyable life with a dog. The dog may be unsuccessful to take a pee or a poo. P…

7 Responses to Dog Training 6 ” Toilet Training “ Toy Poodle MOCHA / JPN

  • Dina Yamaleyeva says:

    wow. the japanese are pros at everything.

  • RuththeRuth Less says:

    just got my miniature poodle today, video is great going to try to do the
    same. thanks.

  • Kiley McAndrews says:

    Thanks so much! At my house we have a broken fence we need to replace, but
    it may take awhile. But thanks to this idea, I can probably get a dog
    earlier!! 🙂 

  • Kalpana Kalpe says:

    I can’t train my 2months old toy poodle.. I don’t know how to start
    it..Please help me…he always pee everywhere

  • Lo Zio Tirzan says:

    I have a dual position about poodle dogs: i hate/love them meanwhile… 🙂

  • HRnajbolje says:

    I’ve never seen anyone wipe a

  • HelloWanco says:

    Thanks. I’m happy for you to think so.


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