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21 Responses to Dog Training 101: How to Train ANY DOG the Basics

  • Pascal M. says:

    Hey, I’ve got a 6 month old border collie and I don’t have any experience
    with dog training.
    Here’s some problems I still have with the dog:
    – He won’t stop pulling on the leash no matter what I try
    – He will grab anything that he can get and carry it around or completely
    destroy it
    – He won’t come when called, I was using different kinds of treats and
    reward him whenever he did good but after some time he just lost the
    interest and I cant get him to cooperate again with or without treats
    – Whenever he walks on the yard freely and something passes by on the
    nearby road he will chase after it or anything else that he finds exciting
    – Whenever he’s in the house he’s so excited and running around at full
    speed, sometimes running into things and destroying them; One time he
    almost destroyed my computer by running into it.
    Could someone with experience please reply and leave me some tips?

  • ❥LPSHollyfrost says:

    Thank you! My family might be getting a dog so Im definitely going to try

  • Robert Frayer says:

    Zak I never used a clicker with my kids but the trainer makes alot of sence
    and i am going to try this with the new puppy we just got our toddler.

  • minecraft lover says:

    whats that clicking thing name?? what is that sound???? anyone know???

  • Scott Mayo says:

    My dog has learning issues

  • Stavroula Georgiou says:

    hey zak i am new in all this but here is the thing. I got a labrator
    retriver puppy (2 months and a week).i think it knows the
    basics.e.g:sit,down,don’t came in stay by the door. So what do you thing is
    better to learn next? Oh and is it o.k. to learn our dogs 2-3 trixs per day
    if they are learnig fast?

  • Danila Steri says:

    Dog training should not be about domination, but communication.
    in around 5 minutes, you’ll get a quick lesson on how to teach your dog to
    leave something alone when you ask, look at you when you ask, sit, lie,
    down, tips on working with high energy dog, the importance of the training
    bubble, the value of clicker training, and of course how to achieve great
    communication with your dog!

  • emie Presh says:

    *Who Else Wants to Discover How to Stop Their Dog’s Behavior Problems For
    GOOD! And Obedience Train Their Dog Using the Fastest and Most Reliable
    Methods Available TODAY?*

  • Kboowny Mari says:

    >Online Dog Training !

  • Tristan B says:

    both hyper yet low key thx Zak George

  • mirza vezirishvili says:

    thanks you

  • Wilson Chandra says:

    nice i try thats and its work

  • chance kiki says:

    If something better they see then they will go after that and they will not
    do what u want 

  • Jennifer Alonso says:


  • Mike Graves says:

    thanks for all your advice Zak, you been very helpful 

  • Ashe Mouch says:

    Hyper dogs, I love em’

  • Madeline Rascon says:

    some good info here, that helped me and my hubby get to the next level in
    training out 4 month old puppy. 


    My Border Collie just ignores any kind of threats, so, how can I train him?
    He is 11 months old now (april 2014).

  • manuela redding says:

    with his provocative movements my dog would have snapped at him

  • lcjmc5 says:

    Thank you im only a kid and i can train my dog now

  • Jennifer Alonso says:

    I’m only following you cause your cute I mean hot


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