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Roxy (Yorkshire Terrier) graduated from the dog training boot camp at Neuman K-9 Academy. This program included obedience commands to sit, stay, heel or walk…
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4 Responses to Dog Bone Shed Antler Dog Training Seminar- By Jeremy Moore (EverythingShedDog.Com)

  • Howard Moore says:

    dogs can be trained to do almost anything I had a beagle he would hunt
    rabbits and birds 

  • Zach Burnham says:

    Great video

  • Larry Krohn says:

    My two obsessions are dogs and whitetails. I’ll be starting my 1 year old
    Malinois to find sheds and ill give your program a try.

  • Dreamydoodles says:

    I think you guys do amazing work! I would really love to see before and
    after videos though.. like videos of what they’re like on their first
    day/week and then maybe their graduation? It would be much more impactful
    and interesting than just watching the same exact video scenarios over and
    over with just a different dog doing the same exact commands. It would be
    cool to watch you switch it up and show us how they got where they are now
    and what they were like when they came to you. That would show just how
    good you really are. Just my tidbit of advice as a viewer, dog enthusiast
    and possible customer.


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