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Dog Training on facebook! Follow us This video is about canine body language. We discuss the meaning of tail pos…
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  • Amanda S. says:

    but wat if a dog doesn’t have a tail though? you know,,, like a boxer?

  • Leibi83 says:

    Best vid I have seen yet on this topic.
    Give us more!

  • moirhann says:

    LOL.. one of my dogs also bite the legs of the other.. funny to watch..
    they play a lot :)

  • Oanh Le says:

    So hard to read my dogs tail. Its always curly.

  • Lemon Lime says:

    how can you tell if a Doberman tail is up, down, or neutral? their tail are
    always short >.>

  • Daisy Z says:

    Tis is great because I, too, have two dogs, a male and female, and they do
    the same things but I couldn’t find out what they mean.

  • iori5354 says:

    I love these guys!! Entertaining and informative at the same time 😀

  • JennJenification says:

    Jamison = Cute as BLEEP!

  • Simmy Madison Braginsky says:


  • paintur68 says:

    I like it that the two guys making this video look kind of insane. :- D I’d
    date either one of them, but I doubt that either is gay….. Too bad. :- l

  • Dog Training by says:

    @ThePsittacine You can watch our video “Dog Culture – Foundation Style Dog
    Training” for a little more insight to the “control” stuff. Thanks for

  • penlovmov says:

    Dominance training is crap and old fashioned. You’re basically bullying a
    dog. Positive Training is the only way to go.

  • Altobellodobermans says:

    LOL! You guys to funny! 🙂 Cindy

  • Dog Training by says:

    @ThePsittacine You are getting the idea, but just think you will get the
    idea even more by watching the “dog culture” video. Especially when it
    comes to resources. “In Control” also refers to group decisions. Such as
    when to start and end play. Appreciate the feedback!

  • Caitlin Bird says:

    @k91dogtraining The “watch more videos” response is a little discouraging,
    I was kind of looking for a nodding head telling me I’m getting the gist of
    the idea…

  • Caitlin Bird says:

    I was confused by your definition -it was vary vague as silly as that
    sounds-. “in control” generally refers to “control of resources” right?
    That makes more sense. So basically dogs are dominant/submissive to each
    other to establish good doggie relationships because without them
    relationships would not work? Okay, so that sounds good but completely
    different from Dominance Theory (which is a bad theory, this must be where
    all the confusion comes into play). I feel better educated now. 😀

  • Tracyk3 says:

    Lol, this was funny! The humping and the mouthing was hilarious. But the
    tail wagging – GOOD INFO! Thanks =)

  • EvilSideKick17 says:

    the 2 of you do a great job at explaining dog body language. I’ve tried to
    explain some of this to family members before with out any real success but
    I think this vid will help some things to finally click

  • rubberberner says:

    everybody who takes their dogs to a dog park needs to watch this video.
    Very entertaining guys, as an owner of a dominant dog, and a submissive
    dog, you just eaarned a subscriber!


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