Diesel is a Blue Nose Pit Bull who went through our board and train program here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His owners live in Mooreland, Ok…

16 Responses to Diesel – Blue Nose Pit Bull – Oklahoma Dog Training

  • Tywan Lawrence says:

    i got two of them they wont lisen can u help me


    I want a American Pitbull “Bluenose.” But I was wondering what type of
    bloodline this dog is.. It is the perfect pit to me.. I do not want a bully
    or the shorter typed dogs.. So can you please tell me the bloodline

  • alejandro mendoza says:

    So what are blue nose?are they Staffordshire terriers?

  • edgar baerga says:

    Sorry to say you just trained a wanna be pit.. Amazing dog but not
    pitbull…and,if you wanna use the pitbul name as an occupation not breed
    show me blue pitbulls working or fighting in 1908 when it became a breed
    with ukc ( standards)….look up t.l. Williams you idiots… Wildside
    kennels grandchild of jaws sleeps next to my bed real apbt

  • MasterOfAllBulldogs says:

    Razors Edgelines, Gottiline , GrayLines, KingPinlines, Camelot, Castillo,
    chevy, Dangerzonelines, Rynoline, RedRacelines, Shockerlines,Gargoyle,
    Poole, XL, XXL, XXXL, BlueLines, Red Rum and Monster G line, Remyline,
    Marcuslines and a lot more are not APBTS, PITS, PIT BULLS that is fact.
    Real APBTS, PITS, PIT BULLS are not Blue body and Blue nose. The? American
    Staffordshire Terrier and this new breed call American Bully and American
    Bullies. The Lying need to stop. These is no Pit Bull blue.

  • MasterOfAllBulldogs says:


  • emircan ergen says:

    böyle iyi eğitilrsebu köpek hiç bir şey olmaz eğer şiddetle büyütülürse
    ordaki k9 un yaşama imkanı sıfır

  • QueensPits says:

    A blue pitbull was a mistake it was a puppy from a red nose they were going
    to kill it but it lived up to the potential as a red nose if not better

  • ClickAnimalVideos says:

    mine did lolol but yea the ecollar has impressive results but it is cruel
    and should be stopped

  • Daniel Day says:

    How u know it was from a red nose?

  • shelley goodwin says:

    i feel sorry foe=r the dodg I would sey mare but im dreunk

  • MidwestVlogger says:

    its not a german shepherd its a belgian malinois thats perched on the bucket

  • TipTopK9 says:

    Yes E-Collar again! And yes it does make a big difference, especially when
    we transfer it over to the owner who is not a dog trainer.

  • TipTopK9 says:

    Yes is it a Malinois on the bucket!

  • MasterOfAllBulldogs says:

    Real APBTS, PIT BULLS, PITS are not blue or merle in color. Real APBTS, PIT
    BULLS, PITS don’t have Big English Bulldogs? or Mastiffs feet, Real APBTS,
    PIT BULLS, PITS don’t have Big English Bulldogs or Mastiffs Bones, Real
    APBTS, PIT BULLS, PITS don’t have Hanging Lips or jaws like Big English
    Bulldogs or Mastiffs.

  • KrazyMan329 says:

    The pitbull in this video is a very smart and beautiful dog but that german
    shepard has excellent will power


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