Free information on how to create a Improvisational Diabetic Alert Dog using Diabetic Alert Dog University’s train …

12 Responses to Diabetic Alert Dog Training Fundamentals – Free Advice

  • Rickey Sanchez says:

    How can I contact you guys by number and we’re are you guys located. Thank

  • Imma Blac Shepe says:

    Thank you so much for this information. As a T1 adult onset, I am looking
    forward to training with my dog.

  • FlashingSpirits says:

    @william_francis_Collet yes actually! There is a yorkie thats one!

  • RoxyGirl Wright says:

    Thank you for posting this video. It was very informative. I am a dog
    trainer and also breed dogs. Beginning at 3 days of age I begin imprinting
    the puppies on low blood sugar scent and eventually place the best DAD
    prospects in homes to become DADs. A video like this has been needed, and
    one that promotes +R training techniques. Thanks again

  • Peter Gobel says:

    I have just sent this link to my endocrinologist. I am a dog trainer with
    diabetes, I anticipate getting a new dog within the year and want to train
    my own DAD. I am also a CGC evaluator and will also use this dog for
    testing. Please add me to your mailing list.

  • minogue2000 says:

    Hi there – just wondering when it comes to dog species – is one better for
    service training than another? After a small dog

  • redhairgrneyes says:

    this is fantastic! thank you!

  • Deanna Lamont says:

    The scent is collected by taking 2×2 cotton squares and absorbing the
    saliva of a diabetic at the time when their sugars are in the range you
    want the dog to alert you…ie. you want the dog to alert you before you
    get too low and your body shuts down. So discuss with your doctor what is a
    safe “low” or “high” level. Therefore take the swab of saliva when your
    sugar is slightly above or below the target number. If your target low is
    4, take the sample when your sugar is 5-6. Hope this helps.

  • Tony Hernandez says:

    How do you get the “scent”

  • sterlingshawty07 says:

    When collecting samples, should you wait a certain amount of time after
    eating or drinking?

  • Leona Dwoske says:

    This info is invaluable Thank you so much.. We are training a 1 yr old
    standard poodle for my 13 yr old granddaughter who has very unstable
    (insulin resistant) diabetes since age 6. The dog was donated to her he’s a
    wonderful specimen. Clever and friendly. Right now my daughter is training
    him some simple behavioral issues. We will start the scent trainings soon
    after. Thanks again.

  • melissa sangster says:

    Hi My son is a Type 1 diabetic and I want to train my miniature poodle
    puppy to alert my son for sugar lows. Is this possible since the “live”
    scent is always in the home? If I do the training I feel like the dog will
    be more bonded with me but it is my son’s dog and I want him to be bonded
    to him more. Thank you for a response


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