Diabetic Alert Dogs Myth vs Reality – find out what other medical alert dog traine…

Training Basic Obedience to Bubba, a 2 and half month old American Bulldog puppy. He is very smart and incredibly cute. To follow Bubba’s adventures, please …

24 Responses to Diabetic Alert Dog Training Debunked – Save Yourself From Scams – Get The Truth

  • Rickey Sanchez says:

    Hi I’m new to all of this and I still have alot of questions can you please
    call text me 626 2418203 my name is Rickey I live out in los angeles..
    thank you

  • caseykc says:

    i just got to the part when you asked can you raise your hand and then you
    said thank you casey and was like o crap how does she know my name haha 

  • IntroducingEmy says:

    This is excellent concise info! I’m frequently asked about diabetic alert
    dogs (even though I use a PSD) and it’s always hard to find place to point
    them to that isn’t a scam. Now I’m just going to direct them to your video
    and group! 😀

  • Bubba's Doghouse says:

    To 8ile, who wrote the comment: ”
    How was Bubba on his first night? Mine is whining, I’m ignoring her. But
    hoping she’ll stop soon”
    It helps if you keep the puppy in a crate in your bedroom. The sound of you
    sleeping and the warmth often alleviates their crying or at least they stop
    soon. Also make sure you worm the puppy- puppies have worm and they also
    cry when they dont feel well.

  • Team Weird says:

    My American Bulldg puppy Athena (she’s 5 months) drives us all insane
    sometime. It is SOO hard to train her, but were still working on it. My dad
    lived in an environment when he was younger (where it was okay) to hit a
    dog if they did something bad. I feel like hitting her has been making her
    worse, so I’m going to keep pushing the subject that hitting her is NOT the
    case at all. They hit her on the butt though, no where near the head, face,
    stomach, or really sensitive areas, but it’s come to the point where she
    sometimes will try to nip at out hands when we pet her. I am going to keep
    pushing the subject all that I can to stop hitting her when she does
    something bad, instead think of a different punishment.

  • Andrea Vidal says:

    He is so cute!! I just adopted my American bulldog puppy today!! Any tips
    to help me train him thanks 🙂 

  • Justin Thompson says:

    Maybe next time actually teach him a high five because that’s a handshake.
    Just saying.

  • GMoney says:

    That is an absolutely gorgeous dog!

  • Sergio Pulido says:

    Your dog is awesome … I would have a dog like yours

  • Jonathan De La Cruz says:

    What references/books/videos did you use for training? I’m currently trying
    to train my 12 week old AB.

  • gonzalezfirearms says:

    Yeah you have more patience than your friend…. very good

  • michell2003 says:

    Again…OMG….SO CUTE!

  • Brandon Urdiales says:

    I got a american bulldog 3 days ago how much did yours weigh at 3 months?

  • lori brak says:

    so cute, I just got my American bulldog mix today


    American Bulldogs are the best. I love their loyalty.

  • Bill Thornton says:

    I really enjoyed your videos. My AB puppy will be comming home with me in 2
    weeks. She’ll be 9 weeks then. I have already signed her up in puppy
    obedience class. I would like to start a training program with her exactly
    like you did in this video. Any tips or programs I should follow? Thanks!

  • Bubba's Doghouse says:

    Presently he is about 2 and half

  • TjvybeZ says:

    I want a American bulldog so bad!!

  • Bubba's Doghouse says:

    They are absolutely great with kids. Make sure you socialize them with kids
    when you get them as a puppy.

  • Bubba's Doghouse says:

    @cryrolfe Thanks!

  • biancatrev123 says:


  • Bubba's Doghouse says:

    @biancatrev123 Thanks!!

  • Oscar Castillo says:

    Thank you

  • Bubba's Doghouse says:

    We started training him ever since we got him around 7 weeks.


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