reese redbone cali walker please comment ty…
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21 Responses to Coon Dog Training #1

  • Workingdog093 says:


  • Tisha Morgan says:

    you people are sick and sadistic

  • Jemaaoui Khalid says:

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    things about it and my work buddy got great results with it

  • Tisha Morgan says:

    sick bastard hope you rot

  • George Frisby says:

    So tormenting and cruel for the caged Raccoon, it doesn’t even have a
    chance to run away or fight back. I don’t know how you could let it be
    tortured like that. 

  • Twyla Queen says:

    Cali’s an AWESOME sounding dog i love that deep Bawl n chop (6:10-6:20).
    Reese Looks like shes mixed with something and i dont think that high
    pitched bawl of hers would cut it in the Bear hunters world..(5:10) But
    great looking team over all there

  • kenneth beard says:

    thats is the weirdest looking coon i have ever seen. where are you
    located?? they look alot diff then these ga coons

  • SouthernRebels2 says:

    Just drag the cage.ive had no luck with scents.or get u a fresh hide wet it
    down good n drag it to the cage.

  • SouthernRebels2 says:

    God thnks bud..nvr to much training..the more time u put into em the better
    they get..i gotta make some recent vids though these r old

  • sboutwell1122 says:

    Hey curr dogs are pretty good though I just got a redbone

  • rduda0919 says:

    While training with scent like i said make the trail harder n harder.until
    they get good start short n easy then make it hard.cross creeks logs
    grass.etc.i even will take a hide a few feet up a tree and then come back
    down n continue.this will get ur dog to (tap) a tree.they will stand up on
    it as if treeing n check around right there.if it stops there they will
    tree.old coons pull some tricks.i done this with my bluetick as a pup and
    she turned out amazeing.shes 99% accurate she trees hes there

  • TThhs2011 says:

    did u guys just drag the cage on the ground for the dogs to track? or did u
    guys use scents?

  • Tyler Ormesher says:

    I have a red bone coon hound and i posted a few videos of her first time
    sniffin out a trail i made for her. could you watch it and give me tips? i
    am currently trying to catch two coons, one for the hide and the other to
    keep alive for awhile then set my pup on it. Thanks for your time!

  • jdawg951 says:

    Nice vid check mine out he has been doing it since he was 7 months old

  • rduda0919 says:

    Will show u when its ready if u walk it up to a cage n its scared back off
    n keep with hides for awhile then try again.i get a lead n when my dog
    trees training i leash it to tht tree if not it some young dogs like to
    wonder off.i chain em there pet em up good n walk away i keep the dog
    barking i hear it stop i yell out to it talk to em..i dnt want it to
    stop.all my dogs will stay treeded till i get there n continue barking till
    the coon is shot out to em.u wont need to tie em off hunting then.

  • blackhatch46 says:

    that raccoon would fuck those dogs up, i am reluctant to train my lab to
    coon hunt, she may get her ass kicked…

  • rduda0919 says:

    When u get them treeing always drop a hide out to em or give em a hide to
    chew on as a treat they did good.i always smack a log or something or make
    a loud noise so the dog wont b gun shy.n when i mean chain em to a tree put
    ur lead on it n connect the dog.n let em bark then i give it awhile n go n
    drop the hide to i said if u just run to the tree ur dog wont tree
    long more then likely and when u get like half way or close they shut up or
    get off tree and come to u.u want em to stay

  • Cody Miller says:

    damn good looking hound. w just put videos of a pup roxanne on here.
    roxanne learning from a pro

  • Brittany Roach says:

    love the redbone but its bark is weak

  • mudjugXdipper says:

    fuck man that redbone got a mouth on her i mean damn shes baying like a

  • Laurel Ridge Rods says:

    @1:25 “Spatat!” Friggin sweet….NIce dogs.


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