Coco (Chocolate Labrador Retriever) graduated from the dog training boot camp at Neuman K-9 Academy. This program included obedience commands to sit, stay, h…
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This is a video for protection dog enthuse whom personally ask me to create some video to learn street protection training period. 904-358-9888 www.vanguardk…
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5 Responses to Coco (Chocolate Labrador Retriever) Dog Training Video

  • mysha mehadi says:

    my dog know attack but he gets scared if some tries to hit him with a
    stick or something 

  • Robert Williams says:

    I don’t see how your methods are that different from what you refer to as
    “sport training.” You aren’t training these dogs for “protection” your
    training them to react to a particular stimulus. “Protection” in the dog
    world is instinctive, not something that you can flip on and off like a
    light switch. A “protective” dog doesn’t have to be taught to be
    protective, and all these so called trainers that claim that they are
    training for protection are doing nothing more than training dogs to
    respond to provocation. (that’s not protection training) Any experienced
    handler would get by a dog trained using this method in seconds. 

  • alysiamonet says:

    im gonna teach my pit, thank you brotha!! <3

  • alysiamonet says:

    of course it be a brotha to make the protection training practical! :)

  • Mostafa Deraz says:

    please make better quality videos with better sound quality so we can all


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