10 month old Cocker Spaniel. On arrival he would not sit and/or stay on command. He would barge through a door as soon as it opened. He had already learned t…
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10 Responses to Cocker Spaniel Basic Dog Training

  • Gordon Greenwood says:

    at last a good basic training video, well done,your dogs all look
    wonderful. we get our cocker in a couple of weeks, so the basics are much
    more important at the moment, mind you looks cold in your part of the

  • Craigelachie Gundogs says:

    Oh dear, never mind acoustic2008, I’ll do one specially for you next time
    with fireworks and party poppers. But that is exactly the reason why so
    many dogs are wild and unruly and chase all the time and yap and jump about
    and all the other things that people don’t want them to do, because people
    find working on the basics boring, they just miss them out and rush onto
    the interesting bits of training and then realise they have no control and
    a dog that drives them nuts.

  • Craigelachie Gundogs says:

    Unfortunately John Billington and musicalmarion, your comments are exactly
    the mindset that cause so many poor dogs to become manic, misbehaving,
    stressed out dogs. Those who choose to miss out early basic training end up
    with dogs they can’t take anywhere without any worry of them either being
    hurt, stolen, lost, attacked or worse. Proper early training is boring,
    especially when you have a 10 month old dog who has no respect or strong
    bond with their owner, purely through lack of training.

  • CollyRCXD says:

    well theres no pleasing some people…

  • Mehrnoush Abravesh says:


  • andrew dunmore says:

    Fantastic vid, wish i had watched it when mine was a pup!

  • John Billington says:

    What was the end like I didnt see it, i was so bored i fell asleep

  • musicalmarion says:

    hahaha me too i’m afraid

  • Silverb13 says:

    SUCH a great video–Your “energy” and (verbal & non verbal) communication
    reminds me of dog-rehabilitator Cesar Millan (USA) because you too exhude
    the confidence of a firm–yet caring & fun leader. Your use of written
    captions flow at a perfect pace for we viewers. Thank you so much 🙂 BTW,
    how cold is it there and do the dogs need foot protection such an boots or

  • Daria Hernik says:

    This video is helpfull thx mom bought me a golden cocker showtime and wasnt
    really sure how to train it and i found this vid ^.^


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