Using a choke chain in training is a bad idea. Take a moment to watch Jean Donaldson of the Academy of dog trainers as she explains why you may want to rethi…

20 Responses to choke chains in dog training are a bad idea

  • Nikola Meyers says:

    I see no problem if they are used correctly, if they are choking the dog
    you are not using them wrong, they are not designed to strangle, it is the
    sound that corrects the dog not the ‘choking action’. If you think you are
    meant to ‘strangle’ the dog then you have not been educated in how to use
    them. My dog has never been choked or made the coughing noise because she
    knows that if she hears the noise to pull back into me, only happens once
    in every so many walks.. 

  • Naruto Fan says:

    i use choke chains for my dog he doesnt mind at all wearing it but used to
    use it when i wanna look bad ass walking my dog sometimes

  • Caitlin Peacock says:

    It’s not just that it hurts the dog though. There are many other more
    effective ways to teach a dog than through pain, startling the dog, or
    spraying a nasty odor at them. People are always like “hey, the citronella
    collar just sprays an odor at their face, it doesn’t hurt at all!” but
    that’s not the point! People just don’t get it…

  • Bruno Silva says:

    Look ! More idiots that don’t know how to use a slip collar !

  • Nando Brown says:

    The argument isn´t if they work or not… but if you can achieve better
    results without the risk of fall out or injury and without effecting your
    relationship then why not do it in a force free manner? I also have a pit
    btw 🙂

  • Lea P says:

    The choke collar is fine. It just needed a little correction.

  • Nando Brown says:

    We 100% AGREE! watch the video you might get a pleasant surprise 😉

  • luckydogretreat says:

    Like e-collar. Really? What does the e stand for? Don’t try to hide it.

  • milo horsey says:

    Brilliant. Will do, thanks!

  • amazingmutts says:

    Look at those pretty links! 😉

  • Nando Brown says:

    I think it probably is less painful than pulling them around a choke chain,
    yes. There are many people out there that specialize in training deaf dogs
    try contacting a certified trainer in your area that covers this kind of
    thing for help

  • myDaisyable says:

    0:18 Fool, you pollute the environment.

  • Brandi *click* Bear! says:

    That’s littering though 🙁

  • Lea Poppe says:

    Best use of a choke collar ever! Great video!

  • Seth Merritt says:

    why dont you teach people how to make there dogs listen with out them then.
    If your so against it dont just post a stupid video saying oh no dont do
    it… post a video to show alternative ways to train not everybody is a dog
    trainer. My God its like giving a kid a spankin or not some it works some
    it doesn’t. if your against it dont make videos just saying no don’t its
    bad make something that won’t waste peoples time.

  • Nando Brown says:

    It is a chow 🙂

  • Brandi *click* Bear! says:

    oopsie my bad. Never mind then carry on!

  • Nando Brown says:

    I do on a regular basis. Feel free to come along to any of my classes and
    I´ll show you. We offer 1 class for free and if you have a rescue dog we
    will give you 3 free classes. BTW its nothing like spanking…. the main
    difference being a metal chain around the throat! If you want to find a
    force free trainer in your area the have a look at pet professional guild
    or the IMDT

  • chiluv100 says:

    YES! YES! YES! My kind of trainer!!!!

  • Nando Brown says:

    I think its about tapping in to the strengths of each breed but Collies are
    very trainable 🙂


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