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24 Responses to Can you train a Wolf? (

  • lykoz says:

    Impressive….. But this video is a bit careless. to watchers of the video
    please note!!!:… MOST WOLVES or WOLVES MIXES are not good pets! and Are
    highly difficult to train, if not close to impossible.

    The fact that these guys managed to train a wolf is a testament to their
    systems for training dogs (hell even tigers and lions can be trained)…
    However don’t think you can purchase a wolf mix and have an obedient dog.
    This is not the case almost ALL of the time. Wolves are best left in the

    Very disappointed in what seems a very good training centre doing so little
    in terms of educating public about domesticated wolves…. Very

  • blkinvestor says:

    haha dog so scared he shit himself

  • manuela redding says:

    hope that cute wolf has a companion but why “train” him he is a wolf!

  • somejarhead says:

    Very cool! A wolf would be a very cool pet, but they are truly best left in
    the wild. There is a reason dogs are man’s best friend, not wolves.

  • sternsa200 says:

    That’s no Timber Wolf..Looks more like Czechoslovakian Wolfdog.

  • Dariuslemon3 says:

    Where can I get a wolf

  • AJ hit125 says:

    thats a wolf mixed thats not a full blooded wolf you can train a full
    blooded wolf but thats ant a full blooded

  • TheALB2 says:

    thats not pure wolf,it’s hybrid 

  • wever333 says:

    Would a Female wolf hybrid (or pure wolf out curiosity) be easier to
    train/live with as a male could have see itself an ALPHA MALE or at one
    point want to become the ALPHA MALE ?

  • tantricia44 says:

    wow! the wolfdog is so much bigger. so well trained & so beautiful!

  • TheCaneCorso says:

    that’s a wolf dog its not a full wolf

  • Rita Boyce says:

    As much as I think this cute, people you have to realize that the wolf part
    of this animal will always dominate the dog part. Treat this animal as you
    would an actual wolf and you will not get hurt. I’m not saying will
    automatically turn on you, but it’s not worth the risk to find out. My
    prayers to you all anyway

  • Penzare says:

    That wolf floats, it moves so efficiently, and it looks very big for its
    weight, gotta give credit to evolution there, beautiful animal, it looks
    like it can run 50 miles a day. Now compare it to a dumb pug or a chihuahua

  • janeswurld says:

    that dog took a 30 second piss xD

  • Anna Danielson says:

    Wolves are my Fav animal I wish I could have one

  • karla dixie says:

    i want one so cuteee

  • micers says:

    It works on a wolf so it will probably work on a dog, but if it works on a
    dog it may not work on a wolf… HORSE SHIT … A wolf is a dog, a dog is a
    wolf.. unless you are talking poodles…

  • Bria Reeves says:

    Poodles are just as “wolf” as any other dog. Dogs and wolves are so
    different in their mentality. They are not the same

  • Drawing tutorials says:

    That wolf mix is so beautiful

  • christian caceres says:

    It’s a wolf hybird

  • monstercichlidkeeper says:

    wow!!!! i want one

  • Kevin Logan says:

    I live in Canada 

  • Pedro Almeida says:

    The problem is that they are mixed with wolf insticts and dog insticts and
    they get very confused 

  • Sterase94 says:

    =/. I feel like this video just advertises to people the wrong way 🙁
    People! Don’t get a wolf or a wolf hybrid! They are not for the
    inexperienced and shouldn’t be domesticated unless they absolutely HAVE to
    be.. Go and watch the wolf dog episode of Cesar Millan and hopefully you’ll


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