Blu’Bell (Australian Cattle Dog) graduated from the dog training boot camp at Neuman K-9 Academy. This program included obedience commands to sit, stay, heel…
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21 Responses to Blu’Bell (Australian Cattle Dog) Dog Training Video

  • dragoneye14 says:

    4:55 haha that look on his face 😀
    I wonder what kind of toy he was thinking about ^^

  • Tracy Krasnov says:

    I absolutely LOVE the drone! Nice way to get some way cool shots!!
    Hmmmm… favorite tech toy is my laptop computer, so I can play poker!!

  • Hoolli Cat says:

    You two are so cute. Please get married.

  • heroicmoments says:

    Hey Zak! Iv got the new Solo Shot! I don’t have a partner in crime to shoot
    for me.. The soloshot does it all for me! 🙂 

  • Joy Victory says:

    Hi Zak. Hi Bree. I love the video. You two make a great team. You seem so
    comfortable with each other. 

  • simon french says:

    Great video guys. 

  • Canis familiaris says:

    my fave toy? My dog lol! 😛 He is my best buddy and my playmate!

  • Jenifarr says:

    You two are so cute : p

  • Mishah Elle says:

    Great to see you and Bree able to work closely with each other enjoying
    what you both love to do. Rare quality in a marriage,

  • João Frazão says:

    why 120 likes ? this guy needs more likes here is mine

  • Kevin J Munster says:

    Love the Video, I too am into the DJI Phantom…. love it.

  • horsedog says:

    it was great

  • Gthu123 says:

    I love dogs sooooooooo much. Im going to get a job at the shelter. Ive done
    soo much research and so many dog training vids, but i really wish my
    parents would let me get one. any Ideas to convince them pleeeeease?

  • Isabella puppy says:

    Do you realize there is an r in the title and i dont think you meant for it
    to be there.

  • Kamstar Keane says:

    YAY Zak! Was that Venus under the desk lol! Great to see u in great success
    after working at Petsmart so many years ago 😀 

  • Mac says:

    It was cool to switch up the videos today. It seemed like a vlog! :)

  • Nelson Verde says:

    geek question … is that a phantom 2 drone?

  • Marcia Holland says:

    This is going to sound silly, but I’ve got into using interactive dog toys
    for feeding. I got hooked on several of them for my dog.

  • Minstrill NZ says:

    Hey. Enjoying your content. I’m from New Zealand. I have an issue with my
    dog. He’s a lab cross with gsp, 1yr 6mth old. Very energetic. I walk him
    mainly off the lead thru the forest and he’s generally very good, but he’s
    started Barking at other people walking. I’m not sure how to fix this. I
    realise I can put him back in the lead by don’t think he gets the required
    exercise plus it’s how I prefer to walk him. Thanks. Nick. 

  • Lindzuniverse says:

    So I have this idea for a trick where my dog walks on his hind legs and
    moves to where he is standing back to back with me. I’ve gotten him to be
    able to stand on his hind legs and move backwards, but do you have any tips
    on how to get him back to back with me (luring behind my back would be
    pretty difficult and my family doesn’t like helping)

  • kruofud says:

    Favorite toy: Chuck-it balls… that’s what my partner loves!!!


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