Dog Training Video – American Staffordshire Terrier, also known as amstaffs are sometimes generalized as a pitbull. Learn about the American Staffordshire Te…
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  • Tony Harrison says:

    What’s pods and reinforcements 

  • dante novoa says:

    @xbox360master303 dependely the kind of pitbull

  • TheReapersSon says:

    This guy is really smart If only we could have him around in any situation
    where the integrity of a breed comes into question.

  • wentz1502 says:

    @Panostattoo Thanks for the leash tip I’ll try that. He is well socialized
    & he gets plenty of love. I think he gets excited because I have a 6ft wood
    privacy fence so he can only here what going on on the other side. There is
    a walking trail to directly behind me so there are lots of dogs going by.
    Thanks again though for your advice.

  • danilo bukakesama says:

    Yo i got an amstaff/rottweiler and shes nearly 7 month, i trained her to
    sit, lay play dead and lots of stuff on command, however, she refuses to
    coop with me when we’re walking with leash. Swear to god i tried everything
    but it wont just do. Was wondering if you got any pointers ?

  • fasteddie820 says:

    I have a 4 yr. old Amstaff that I’ve had since he was 3 months old and yes
    he still gets aggressive toward other dogs but great around people, do you
    have specific technique to deal with this type of behavior.

  • misc248 says:

    @kytty92 Pitbulls are very “mouthy” breeds. I’ve noticed it a lot with my
    pitbull puppy. What I did to discourage biting is when he would bite I
    would correct and then give him a chew toy. If you make the chew toy great
    and give lots of praise that will help a lot! I also praised him for
    licking instead of biting by saying no to the bite and then saying “kisses”
    until he’d kiss. Then he’d get praise. I hope this helps!

  • Sexette says:

    I have a very loving Am Staff named, VinDiesel, by my husband. He was a
    gift from a friend. Anyway, we have a problem with him jumping. I try to
    hold his paws by he mouths my hands. Is there anything else you can suggest
    because I’m currently using a water bottle with cold water. I know that he
    doesn’t like it because he barks at it and then submits. I thought he was a
    Pit but he’s tall like a deer and that’s when I knew he was an Am Staff
    because of your video. Netta

  • HTTS76 says:

    @daviannmueller They’re sort of cousins, but to be honest, I can hardly
    tell the difference. Perhaps it’s clearer to see when you put an Amstaff
    and a APBT next to each other.

  • steveljudkins says:

    thanks , good info.

  • Panostattoo says:

    .take the dog out with a leashe (cause if he behaves like that u probably
    dont exersise him enough to take out some steam) and try to play with him
    with a puppyroll to draw his attention.if he does respond show ur exitment
    by giving a snack or a that for a week or as long as it takes to
    gain his step is to do the same off for the
    barking to people it depents of what u want.if u want a guard dog thats
    good.if u dont start socialising ur dog.SPEND TIME WITH UR DOG!!

  • HTTS76 says:

    @TELEFOON87 Amstaffs are not pit bulls (I know that as a term, pit bulls
    include Amstaffs, of course the APBT and the Staffordshire bull terrier)
    but they are separate breeds but have enough similarities to be put under
    the term ‘pit bull’.

  • Michael Zarro says:

    I think a mastiff and a bulldog make up a pitbull, but a pitbull bred with
    a variety of terriers make up the amstaff. That’s why it looks the same,
    but much smaller because of the terrier genetics.

  • Twan112785 says:

    The funny thing is alot ppl i know think that Amstaffs & Pit Bulls are the
    same breed which there not there both in the bulldog family but there 2
    different breeds

  • Neogenesiss1 says:

    Can somebody help my with my staff he is 9 months old i got him 15 days ago
    he is better but he is scared off evrey type of noises,and he is so wierd i
    play with him all days and try to comfort him but when i call him to me he
    runs away like i am a stranger and how to say this yesterday at a park a
    pakeinezer kicked his ass i dont want him to be aggresive but since then
    his tail is always down and he is more scared now,so if someone has tips
    please contact me,sorry for my bad english thanks

  • MrGhettown says:

    @Dougiekc everything is not america.

  • kbreezymoua says:

    pit bulls are never NEVER “bully” or aggressve dogs! its ALWAYS the owner
    who trains their pit bulls. the dog is how he is because of its owner. i’ve
    had pit bulls all my life.. i’m 20, and not once have i had an aggressve
    pit bull. i’ve trained my dogs to be so freakin well mannered and they have
    not one bit shown aggressive-ness towards me or strangers! my dog is the
    best damn dog in the world! so don’t judge on what kind of dog they are..
    blame the owner for not treating it right!!

  • dolphinsfan1990 says:

    whats the differnece between pitbulls and amstaffs

  • MariaVana says:

    @TELEFOON87 If your parents are anything like mine, introduce her to an
    Amstaff without first telling her the breed of dog. Like most people she
    will fall madly in love because they truly are the best dogs in the world
    =] I’ve never met an overtly aggressive Staffy and I’ve met a lot of them.
    Once she sees what a great gentle obedient dog they can be she will
    hopefully no longer fear them

  • MagrodNYGirl says:

    take him to a dog trainer experienced with dog aggression. They can help

  • PeachLaBella says:

    @TheRonron77 i think the pits are only banned in Maryland because i had an

  • Chen K F says:

    An American Staffordshire Terrier bit a 74 years old jogger to death in
    Petaling Jaya near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 8th. May 2012. News was
    reported in all news papers and broadcast media. A passerby tried to help
    by beating the dog with an umbrella but did not succeed in saving the
    victim which the dog had lock its jaws on his throat. A motor cyclist
    passing by did the same with the same result. Witness said the dog let go
    of its bite only when the victim stops struggling and was death.

  • DSaton says:

    @MrGhettown So the AmStaff is typically 17-19 inches for males. Larger
    chest and front legs (as they are more for show than go) and standardized
    temperment. All of these breeds are typically animal or dog aggressive
    (like almost all terriers are) and are very very rarely human aggressive.
    Any breed that is improperly raised can be human aggressive, but this breed
    is alot less likely to become human aggressive because of its breeding
    background. ex: A doberman is bred to be untrustingof strangers

  • racingsssnake says:

    My girlfriend has an american bull Staffordshire cross. The dog is about a
    year old and when in the house Ruby (dog’s name) is very affectionate,if
    excite able. The problem is when she’s out she’s VERY aggressive towards
    people and other dogs to the point where we don’t dare to let her off the
    lead. I’m worried that once she gets to full size she will become too
    strong to control, and we’ll have to get rid of her which would be a shame
    because she’s a lovely dog at home. How can we stop her be

  • racingsssnake says:

    Ing so aggressive? She lives with 2 Labradors at home and she’s ok with


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