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27 Responses to Aggressive Pitbull – Atlanta Dog Training

  • Paula Schreiner says:

    the question be asked is what was done to this dog to make him so
    aggressive toward people – they are not born this way.

  • maggot6639 says:

    thats actually after trust is assured between both dog and owner, but that
    might take weeks, since this is a slow process once it comes to trust

  • maddogwalking says:

    Truly amazing!

  • erzebet91 says:

    this shows that you have absolutly no idea about these beautiful dogs! just
    shut up and do a little research next time before you say something that’s
    not true

  • fernando gonzalez says:

    the dog has 2 leashes on like if he was a lion

  • John Doe says:

    call cesar millan!

  • johnny huggins says:

    you are wrong in the worst way my friend you obviously know nothing about

  • bububububak says:

    oh my… i think they are… jesus…

  • NTLariviere says:

    Trickiest part is remaining calm yourself when you feel him about to act
    up.You must show him it’s no big deal and you expect him to behave, (not
    you expect him to be bad) he will sense your tension and mistake that for
    you being fearful of other people, when you are actually nervous about what
    he will do next.

  • blue03r6 says:

    that dog acts like one that has been inbreed. should have it put down. the
    majority of pit bulls do not act like that. he’s dangerous.

  • Quæ lupus says:

    Oh god your whole comment was stupid. No they aren’t the most vicious dogs
    in the world. people like you make them that way. You must have a lab LOL
    Telling by your comment you’ve never been around a nice one, Ignorance
    isn’t going to get you any where in life. If you don’t like pitbulls GET
    THE FUCK off of videos about them.

  • Mathieu PAGNIEZ says:

    waw great

  • serg rdz says:

    the pitbull are scared, thats why he attacks, because he has fear, he is
    protectin himself

  • Sandman Roqwell says:


  • Grizzly0679 says:

    why didn’t you just wrap your body around the dog and wrestle him to the
    ground like a wolf would do? He’ll fight, but just hold on till he gets
    tired. When his body stop fighting slowly let go (see if he’s trying to
    trick you), roll over so you’re facing the dog and begin gentle rubbing
    their snout while petting their belly. If they keep their head on the
    ground, while letting you pet their belly you won. No aggressive dog will
    let just anyone touch their belly. The snout rubbing is for love.

  • Penney Blue says:

    Very helpful! Thanks. if only Penny wasn’t too heavy for me to hold.

  • Carinoschatziii says:

    I also use this methode for training routines and for us it’s the perfect
    one… As you can see in my video (response) i asked for his paw but he
    knew that before this he always did a sit pretty… He was discracted at
    the beginning but then he was very motivated…

  • ozpaws says:

    has your dog ever jumped into your arms when you weren’t ready?? 🙂 Thanks
    for the great video. . .it really helped us understand back-chaining more

  • Sandy Cox says:

    great video – would love to know when your e-book is out!!

  • Pam's Dog Academy says:

    @ozpaws You are welcome! Yes, he has tried but since he knows the rebound
    trick, it all worked out. 🙂 He has also knocked me over many times & I
    think he finds humor in seeing me fall to the ground. LOL! It is all fun
    and games until someone gets hurt. HAHA! :))

  • Pam's Dog Academy says:

    @ClickerPets It is fun to mess around with this and fun to work on
    perfecting the routine, but it is not the only way to get a great routine
    memorized. You can also put together behavior chunks or mini routines that
    I talk about in my ebook that I am working on. There are a ton of ways to
    put together routines. This is just one way. 🙂 It is also fun and helps
    the dog learn it really well, but it is not the only way. :))

  • Pam's Dog Academy says:

    Thanks! I would say that back chaining flyball would really be an awesome
    way to train it. Since it is the same every time. That would be really cool
    to see. I do not do flyball, but I would bet that if you could chain even
    the pass, then the entire team could be cleaner. Just a thought. Not sure
    how to train it since I do not do flyball, but an idea. :))

  • ClickerPets says:

    @pamelamarxsen Oh, okay. That makes a lot of sense. I’m really eager to
    start this with Tessa! Thanks! 🙂

  • ClickerPets says:

    I have always wondered what backchaining is… now I know. 🙂 I just have
    one question, why do you start with the last behavior and work your way to
    the first? Thanks.

  • jaymejamjar says:

    I love how he gets all set to run after the ball the second you click!

  • Majoofi says:

    that’s gonna be one great routine.

  • MsBorderCollieLover says:

    Wow, brilliant work. Love this 🙂


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