Aggressive dog training and aggression rehab tips (

Aggression rehab dog training video for aggressive dogs should only be done by a qualified dog trainer. Dog Training video shot in new york ( NY ). Food aggr…

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Learn how to teach any dog to be calm in the presence of a stimuli that causes increased arousal. “Bad manners” that dogs exhibit when…
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  • ihategoogLplus39339 says:

    So it’s okay for a dog to try to rip you to shreds when you touch it’s
    food, but God forbid you give em a lil whap the first time they do it to
    prevent it from getting dangerous in the first place. I know people that
    raise horses. Horses can KILL you easily like dogs. One young horse kept
    rearing and trying to paw the owner with it’s front legs. They didn’t want
    to be mean to it so they would just run it in circles. The horse kept doing
    it until they followed my advice and whapped it on the nose the next time
    it tried. That was when the horse was already 3 and the owner was on the
    verge of getting rid of it. No more problems since then. Why is it okay for
    animals to bully us? Show it it’s not okay from the beginning and it won’t
    be a problem. You aren’t hurting the dog any more then when you give it
    shots. It’s for the dog’s own good to prevent bad behavior early on before
    it ends up getting put to sleep for bad behavior or killing someone else or
    you. Cesar Millan is not outdated. People are just being pansies about it.
    He doesn’t hurt dogs, and more people should treat aggressive dogs like he

  • Shelby Williams says:

    Not one pitbull in this video. I think that should say something. But hey –
    I’m just one person.

  • Axx O says:

    Great job guys GOD BLESS

  • Astro Mona says:

    Great video , If anyone else is find out the best hints for training their
    dog try banfan turbo dog trainer (do a search on google)? Ive heard some
    great things about it and my partner got great success with it. 

  • Santiago Palacios says:

    Bless you guys!
    so may good tips to use with my dog. wish we had some one like you here in

  • Tancie Mette' says:

    The protective gloves are a big help. The owner or trainer can follow
    through with the lesson, and the dog in most cases will realize that the
    biting isn’t working. The first dog with the food aggression had this “what
    do I do now” look when the biting didn’t get the results he was probably
    use to getting.

  • K imber says:

    Rewarding aggressive behavior is never the right thing to do. You have to
    wait til the dog is calm and submissive until you say good boy and give him
    a treat. These trainers are crap!

  • Linda Adams-Cross says:

    Well Done !!! :)

  • A7lam Lover says:

    wow nice job guys
    thanks a lot for the info
    your really do a wonderful job to the world
    wish there’s a lot of you here in our country

  • Wayne Traff says:

    Oh hai! Have you tried – Burdan Gifted Canine Expert (search on google)?
    Ive heard some amazing things about it and my friend got very good results
    with it.

  • L.J. Kye Dobermanns says:

    Good job on reading and training these dogs!

  • keleroo says:

    u gta be a really patient person to work with dogs like this. Big up to u
    guys. i have a border collie she’s not agressive but i have problems with
    her following me like that she bounces around and with the lead on she’s
    fine util she sees another dog then she hops all over the place…. how did
    you get those dogs to walk with you so obediently?

  • minkydoopoo says:

    This is so good just remind people not to try and stroke strange dogs
    without checking with the owner! My dad used to always tell me that when I
    was little and I didn’t understand for ages because all the dogs I knew of
    were very friendly 🙂

  • neurologic says:

    Hahahah @ the veterinarians are good sign hahaha

  • BorealNeal says:

    30 sec ad?? REALLY?????

  • Maggienoname says:

    @CrazyFishFreak I am sorry you are having to pts your dog, unfortunately
    there are far too many trainers and behaviourists who haven’t a clue when
    dealing with dogs with aggression, 99% of aggression is fear, we have to
    take the fear away to stop the aggression, the problem is How do we take
    the fear awa?” That clip is reinforcing the fear and not taking it away.
    They may stop the behaviour but it won’t be cured, it could come back at

  • irishupkidmaine says:

    @mfrank165 finally someone who agrees its like giving a kid an ice cream
    sandwich every time he punches you in the face

  • Drob17 says:

    Once a week? frig man, we have problems with our dogs and they get two
    solid walks minimum a day, 2-3 hours if we arent working, 1 hour or so when
    we are…we must be doing SOMETHING wrong.

  • Alicia Spencer says:

    The only thing I’m worried about is that if someone breaks in, the dog will
    not alert me to the intruder. Is this teaching her to not bark, or not to
    jump? But I would like my dog to alert me by barking.

  • Frank Rehse says:

    New video from my favourite dog trainer on YouTube.
    He exclusively works with positive reinforcement and I can recommend his
    channel to anyone interested in dogs/dog training.

  • Grazyna Smith says:

    The way to train a dog the right way?

  • brian mani says:

    +Marie *I’ll expose some shocking truths about just why your dog is
    currently behaving the way he is!*

  • xaxphaanes1 says:

    will this work with a reactive dog? my dog gets super amped up when
    strangers are around and will bark lung nip etc etc we tried this and he
    barked for an hour straight.

  • Angel Estes says:

    This is so perfect! I know my dog, and he will respond beautifully to the
    method. I’m excited to begin working it tomorrow!

  • Zahra Jan says:


  • Frank Bilen says:

    Hi Tab! Thanks for uploading these great videos. I’ve been learning a lot
    from you and can’t wait to watch your upcoming videos. I have a humble
    suggestion/favor: Can you also upload videos in which you work with
    different dogs and especially puppies? Thanks!

  • Lildoc911 says:

    But does it change the fact that my roommates dog barks at strangers?
    Strangers bad. Friends good. The dog doesn’t know this, but it helps my
    roommates know that there’s someone around the house (kinda like a guard
    dog I guess).

  • Kelly Lopez says:

    I have 2 dogs. A new 6 month old german shepherd and an older 7 year old
    dog. Their combined excitement when guests arrive is crazy. I definitely
    need to train them to greet guests properly. Will this work if I put both
    dogs in the same pen? 

  • LilNintendogQueen says:

    can the dog go to pepols office and sleep with the parnets

  • Benjamin Matos says:

    4:35. I like the word he used (but drop)

  • jmassey119 says:

    What about aggression, will this help with that

  • Evan Erickson says:

    Your videos are fantastic. Thank you for them.

  • almirjuventus says:

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    google cant remember the place now) for dog obedience? Ive heard some
    amazing things about it and my girlfriends dad had excellent results with


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