Understanding Electronic Dog-Training

Understanding Electronic Dog-Training

A guide to training your dog using electronic devices.


Scientific Explorer’s Fun with Your Dog Science Kit

Scientific Explorer's Fun with Your Dog Science Kit

  • Read Your Dogs Mind! Learn how your dog salutes
  • Test Your Dog’s Hearing with an Utra-Sonic Whistle
  • Make Eye Glasses to see the color your dog sees
  • Bake Tasty Dog Cookies Your Dog Will Love!
  • Teach Your Dog To Recycle!

What’s on your dogs mind? Find out with fun experiments as you observe your pets eys, tal and body language. Give your dog a personality interview.. get to know your pet better.

That’s just one of the cool things you can do with this kit!

Everything is included (except liquids for biscuits):
Experiment equipment include ultrasonic whistle, colored lenses and dog glass frames, dog bone cookie cutter, healthy do bone cookie mixture, communication chart, personality scale experiment sheets and

List Price: $ 24.99


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