A well trained dog is more enjoyable to keep as a pet. Every dog has to undergo a certain amount of obedience training if you want him to follow your commands. Dogs are capable of learning just about anything, from simple commands such as sit and roll over to more complex such as fetch paper or wake up Greg. All it takes is dedication on your part and dog obedience training methods that can help you get started.

There are many different dog obedience training methods that can help you train your pet, but there is one law that trainers must follow if they want to train effectively. Do not train your dog with the use of violence. This will only make your dog distrust you and therefore hesitate when you are calling out commands. Not to mention one that has the tendency to lash out when it doesn’t get what she wants. Positive reinforcement is one of the most effective dog obedience training methods out there. It has been tested with all breeds of dogs and has been successful every single time. Use positive reinforcement on your dog to be able to have a pet that is smart and trustworthy.

Positive reinforcement is done by rewarding your dog every single time she performs a command promptly. This can be done by observing your dog and learning what is the single thing that she loves best; it could be a toy or a particular treat. Every time your dog follows your command, make sure she is rewarded with a treat. Repeat this action and your dog will realize that all she has to do is follow you in order to get a treat. Do this repetitively and you condition your dog to follow your command at all times. Aside from giving her a treat, petting and shouting out “good girl,” will even strengthen the message you are trying to convey. These three things when used at the same time can have a powerful effect on the dog which will encourage her more to follow your command.

This dog obedience training method is very effective and promotes a more positive learning atmosphere. This allows you to have a smart, happy and obedient dog.

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