Contrary to what some people may believe, dog crates are not designed for punishment. They are a very important component to training a dog in the most effective manner possible. And really, if crate training was a punishment, would manufacturers release pet soft crates? Not likely!

Crate training a dog is a very necessary process when you bring a canine in your home. Why is this? First, when you crate train your dog, you help keep it safe when you are not home. The dog cannot get into a lot of trouble when it is restricted to its own little crate when you are away. Also, when the dog is kept inside a crate when it is not supervised, it will not damage the interior of your home. Then, there is the added benefit of integrating crate training into housebreaking and feed time training. So, dog crates are really not a bad thing.

However, it can be a bad thing in the crate you leave the dog in is just not very comfortable. This is where pet soft crates can prove to be enormously helpful. They provide a perfectly comfortable environment for your dog which presents it with a nice little “mini-doggie apartment” which allows it to remain much more comfortable than a traditional hard style crate.

Right off the proverbial bat, the use of pet soft crates reduces a lot of the anxiety a dog might feel when placed in the crate. There will always be a little bit of discomfort to the dog/puppy when it is placed inside a crate for the first time. Some of this anxiety can be greatly reduced if the crate is comfortable and a traditional hard crate is not comfortable. A pet soft crate is and that makes it a much better venue for your pet to reside.

There is another benefit to a soft crate: if you need to pick it up and move your dog to a new location, you will not potentially hurt it since a soft crate comes with built in comforting buffers. A wire or plastic crate certainly cannot deliver in this regard. In fact, it is well advised to avoid lifting the dog up in a crate that is not buffered like a pet soft crate.

This issue is triply magnified when you travel with your pet in a car. Seriously, if carrying your dog in a hard crate is not recommended it is most definitely not recommended to place the crate inside a car and drive around at 55mph! Again, if you travel around with your pet and you place it in a carry crate, you will want the carry crate to be as comfortable as humanly possible. Why would you not want a crate that was defined in this manner?

Pet Soft Crates are definitely excellent item for keeping your pet safe, sane, secure, and comfortable. The traditional hard style crates are okay but if you want a really to make sure your dog actually enjoys spending time in the crate, you will want to select a soft style model. offers high quality, affordable Pet Soft Crates and accessories that are perfect for you.

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