If you ever presently have a dog which seems rather tough to train then you definitely might be considering purchasing an electronic dog training collar. While the idea of using an electronic collar could possibly be attractive it is essential to know that it truly is merely another way of coaching your puppy. Its not all of dog training, however used appropriately it could possibly offer very good effects when other coaching techniques simply dont appear to work.
When you go to purchase an electronic dog training collar, do bear in mind that you will find many different types which have differences in how they work. The kind that many people are familiar with could be the electronic shock collar, which emits the minimum voltage charge in which has got the puppy attention. There are actually two other types of electric dog collars, one which works by emitting a high pitched sound that the puppy discovers particularly frustrating and also the other choice is really a citronella collar that works by squirting citronella in front of the dogs nose. Puppies usually do not like the smell of citronella. No matter what version you choose each of them work simply by getting your puppies attention and annoying it with an unpleasant way. Dogs, much like humans, will do whatever is essential to avoid all these annoyances even if it means obeying their owner.
Using an electronic dog training shock collar is quite straightforward, however, do remember, its merely a tool to help you get the results you want with your dog. The collar wouldnt train your puppy for you; this is a tool that you simply use to reprimand your puppy when it doesnt follow your instructions. One example is when training your dog to sit and give the command sit, press carefully but strongly on the lower back making your puppy assume the sitting position. You have to do this many times so the puppy knows what you are asking it to do. Simply after demonstrating towards the puppy several times what shes to do with a particular demand would you try and give the command without any human intervention, for example pushing his but down. A dog that catches upon quick and obeys should be praised and rewarded with a treat. When the dog refuses to follow this is the time to use an electronic collar. Right after getting your dogs attention while using collar start over by providing the command and also pushing his hind end down into the sitting position and repeat the entire process over.
Using an electronic puppy training collar is a great replacement for training a hard to train puppy as long as its used for its intended purpose. This kind of dog collar should be used as a training tool that helps modify a dogs behavior. It will never be used as a way to penalize or in any way inflict needless pain on your puppy. Used correctly chances are you will only need to use it moderately and in a short time your puppy may be able to follow your instructions without it.

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