Having to keep your dog tied up to a leash in the backyard can be tedious and stop your pet from running freely and getting the exercise that he or she needs. What is the point of taking your dog outside if they are just going to be tied up and only able to walk fifteen or twenty feet in any direction. If keeping your dog tied to a leash in the backyard doesn’t sit well with you there may be another way.

Most dogs are obedient by nature, after all, they are man’s best friend. The reason your pet will run of or leave you property is that they simply don’t understand that it’s wrong. Dogs have no sense of property or the dangers that may occur if they run off into the street. Unfortunately, you can’t sit down with your dog and explain it to them. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could let your dog out of the house without and restraints to be able to happily run free in the backyard?

The key to allowing your pet to have free rain of your property outside is proper training. A wireless dog fence can help you to train your dog not to leave the boundaries of your property. These devices are very simple and easily setup. There are two main parts to a wireless dog fence. The transmitter which can be places anywhere in your house and set to a certain radius and the dog collar. All you need to do to help train your dog is to set the transmitter to the appropriate radius, this can be anywhere from 50 to 200 feet and place the special dog collar on your pet. When ever your pet tries to roam outside the boundary they will hear a warning sound, if they continue, they will get a small painless static correction.

This will help to train your dog not to leave your property and allow them to play outside without any restraints.

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