Training a puppy involves a great deal of work, and a lot of this depends on the nature of the dog. Some dogs can be quite easy to train while others can certainly be a handful. To start with, when you first get your puppy, take some time to show him where he is allowed to go and where he is not allowed to go.

You need to be a little futuristic and think about the animal when he is bigger. When he is a puppy, you won’t mind the dog getting on your bed and cuddling up with you, but when he is full-grown this can be quite a nuisance. By then it will be too late, so you must start training your dog concerning what he can and cannot do right from the start.

If you do not want the puppy to dig up your lawn, do not let him go there without your supervision. Instead, try to confine him to areas where there is another surface when you’re not there to watch him. Try to keep this area tidy so that he can run around and in a short time, he will come to feel at home there when he is outdoors. The area you keep your dog must be one where he feels comfortable. It should be shaded and well ventilated with plenty of fresh water on hand.

When you feed him, you must have fixed times so that his good habits develop when it comes to expecting meals. Training a puppy involves a comprehensive approach that includes everything from eating to exercise and obeying your commands.  A well-trained pet will always listen to your instructions.

One of the easiest ways for you to train him is to give him rewards every time he follows your commands. However, you need to determine what would be a good reward for your particular dog. For some pets, this can mean taking them for a walk or giving them a snack. So, when you want your dog to heel, instruct and coax him until he does, and then reward him. After a few repetitions he will get the idea and you will see great results soon enough.

Training a puppy can take time, particularly when you are trying to get a certain number of things into your pet’s mind. One important thing you need to keep in mind is the dog’s growth period. Once he is beyond this phase, it will be tougher to train him. While dog trainers are known to even train full-grown dogs, training them to do all the basic commands and to obey instructions is best done when he is a puppy. So make the most of the opportunities you have and you will have a well-trained dog who is a delight to have around.

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