Secret to Dog Training is a comprehensive guidebook that teaches you how to train your dog with the correct methods. This guidebook is formerly known as SitStayFetch before it got revamped. In the past few years, this dog training guide has been bought by over 200,000 dog owner. Now the revamped version is even superior to its previous version.

Daniel Stevens is the author of this amazing dog training guide. He is a professional dog trainer. All the training methods that you read in this guide were fully tested or used by him in the past. He knew what or which methods do work and do not.

Secrets to Dog Training come with 261 pages manual. The information that this book offered is impressively detailed and straight-forward, especially on how to identify and solve the dog behavior problems. As for the content and layout, it is written in simple English form and easy to follow. Everything is broken down into small chapters or paragraphs. This makes reading extremely enjoyable. Content aside, it also includes many excellent photos and illustrations. These pictures will help you to grasp the whole process quicker than normal.

Training method aside, this guide also covering a lot of information such as nutrition, diet, choosing a suitable vet, general health, grooming, dog breed, and others that dog owner should or ought to know. This information alone worth the purchase price.

There is several training techniques (basic and advance) are outlined in this guide. For the basic, you will learn how to do the crate training, clicker training or dog whispering. As for the advanced section, you will learn how to deal with chewing, biting, digging, jumping and aggression. Also, it included several informative and interesting case studies for you.

In order to grow closer to your dog, you need to understand the dog behavior and their psychology. It can be their face expressions, vocals or body language. If you can grasp and understand these, training your dog would be a piece of cake. Everything of this will be covered in Secrets to Dog Training guide.

As you can see, everything that I outlined in this article is merely a fraction of the book. In the past, I was also skeptic about this dog training guide, but after I give a try on this, I was surprised. The presentation of this guide easily surpassed my expectations. Simply put, I’m amazed with the quality of this dog training guide.


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