A dog can be a very rewarding companion and an affectionate dog is great for the kids. A well behaved dog will be recognized as real family member. You can only fully enjoy your dog when you have learned to control its chewing. 

There are a number of things you will need to consider if you have a dog that chews. Assessing the dog’s environment is an important consideration. Is stress or anxiety a factor? Could it be teething? Excessive chewing may be a symptom of such issues.

Remember the following steps to control your dog’s chewing:

Your dog looks to you for direction and don’t forget that you are in control of your dog’s behavior. You must ensure that your dog knows this. Dogs are pack animals and they don’t mind being at the bottom! You are their leader.

Firstly, what is your dog chewing? Your dog may think it is allowed to chew shoes and clothes left laying around. A young pup without maturity or self control can be helped by the removal of tempting items to chew. {Sometimes spraying an object with an unpleasant taste will break the chewing habit}. Your dog will remember this next time and soon learn not to chew that object again.

Moving on, what is the reason for your dog’s chewing? Maybe new teeth are the problem? Gum pain will be helped by something to chew. Dogs are able to understand the distinction between objects they are allowed to chew and objects they are not. Frozen dog chews, puppy teething rings or a hard rubber ball will all help painful gums.

Further, is boredom or stress causing your dog’s chewing? To keep your new family member entertained you will need to provide a fair bit of stimulation. If you are away all day you could try your dog with some interesting dog toys that require persistence to master. Stress could come from you being out all day. You could try leaving without your dog knowing, to reduce the separation anxiety. Including your pets in your activities when you are at home ensures they don’t feel ignored. Boredom may cause your dog to behave in an undesirable way such as chewing everything to attract your attention.

I hope this article has helped with some ideas to stop your dog chewing everything. I maintain a web site to provide free articles and advice about dog training along with reviews of the latest dog training products. You might like to take a look at my review of Dove Cresswell’s Puppy and dog Training Online product. I try to keep up with new products and ideas that I can road-test with my Beagle, Bella. You may also be interested in some ideas to help with puppy separation anxiety.

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