Dog training is quite essential, especially if you like to socialize. If your dog is not well behaved it can reflect poorly on you. Training your dog to be obedient is also very important. You can establish yourself as the dominant member and also bond well with your pet. The training should start at a young age. Let your dog understand that you are in charge of the training also. Here are a few dog obedience tips you should follow.

Dogs are, after all, animals. They may not know how to behave or respond in certain situations. They often do not respond well to punishments either, as they are often confused about what they have done wrong. The best way to train your dog is to always remain positive. Try to reward your pet for any good behavior displayed. This is the only way to encourage your pet to learn good behavior. If they do something wrong, they are probably going to forget it very quickly as dogs live in the moment. So being positive in your approach is the only way to train your dog successfully.

As mentioned before, dogs are pack animals with instincts. They do not think like humans do. They are more instinctual creatures. They do not understand what you are talking about. For example, if the leash on your dog gets stuck on something, all it needs to do is to walk back until the leash is freed. But your dog will most likely react instinctively by tugging on the leash rather than reasoning out the problem, as a human would. You can teach your dog how to extricate itself from this problem only by practice and training. So, never assume that your dog will do something by thinking it over. You have to teach the behavior.

If you want to train your dog properly you need to be very firm. Dogs do not understand your orders, especially when they are confused. So you need to reward the behavior you are looking for when it occurs, using the word that is the command for the behavior. Eventually, your dog will associate that word with the behavior you are looking for. Your behavior towards your dog has to be consistent as well. Do not confuse your dog by constantly changing your response. At the same time you have to be very gentle when he makes a mistake. However, if he exhibits a bad behavior you have to be firm and not allow him to continue that particular behavior.

By following these simple dog obedience tips you should be able to instill good behavior in your dog with time. Training doesn’t happen overnight, but over a period of consistent time spent with your dog reinforcing the good behaviors you are teaching. 

Training is a process and you need to be patient at all times. Expect there to be mistakes and continue to reward your dog for the good behaviors. By keeping these dog obedience tips in mind you will eventually have a very well behaved dog who has an important place in your family.

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