Recently in a column, amusingly written by a dog, he says that he had adopted his owners to take care of them. The column was all about what to teach a dog and what not to. But one thing which was eminent in that was the relationship of man and dog. They share the best relationship among all creatures, sometimes better than two men. This made me thought that one should have one.

But having a dog is not sufficient enough. In order to make it the best friend of a man it needs to learn some sort of manners. A few of the things need to be taught to him. And training a dog is not a tedious task, as they are good learner.

Well, like men, it should know to live in a house, what is typically called crate training. He should know where his room is and where he has to go to sleep after a long days work.

Then cleanliness is a must. He should know where to discharge his waste. Potty training consists of how to use the toilet, when and where to do it and if possible, to know how to use toilet paper and soap. Along with it a dog should take regular baths, should be shampooed and his hair should be combed.

Obedience training is also in the list. He should know what to react on what indication and should know the soft and harsh voices. And he should also know when to come home in the evening and when the wandering time ends.

If you have trouble teaching your kid, what do you do? You send him to coaching classes. Same is true with the dogs. You can send them to dog training classes. And when he comes out of there you will have a true, loyal companion to walk in the morning, to play in the evening. True because he will not cheat and loyal because he will do whatever you say him to do. And that is all we all look in a companion for.

One common problem with dogs is of barking. Sometimes they bark uncontrollably and without any visible reason. This is one thing which needs to be tackled. A dog should be known when to bark and whom to bark. He should be trained enough to know good people and bad people. Otherwise sometimes we may find our visitors running away on their feet from the door of our house.

Once a dog accepts you as its owner, it is a life long friend and for sure would not leave you until one of you two leaves this world. And who does not want such a friend!

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