Dogs are some of the warmest and most welcoming of pets – this is naturally why they are the most popular pets in the world. This is of course usually a welcome trait. Some dogs go too far in this direction though and can scare or even injure people who are not used to them by jumping on them. In these cases, it is useful to know how to train your dog to stop this kind of thing happening. With just a small bit of work, you will have a better behaved dog, and happier guests.

Understanding why your dog behaves like it does is the first step to changing its behaviour. Initially, dogs tend to learn to jump on people when they are young puppies. When dogs are young, it is no surprise they are encouraged to do this. When puppies jump on people it is cute and generally welcomed. Especially with bigger breeds, it can be quite intimidating or even dangerous when they decide to jump up on people as fully grown dogs. You should therefore stop puppies from developing this habit in the first place as it can lead on to something that is quite undesirable, no matter how cute and well intentioned it started off.

Anyone can stop a puppy from jumping on someone with the slightest of effort. Take the puppy away from the person, put them down and tell them to keep off – this will make it clear they should not be doing it. With time it will become clear to them that you are not going to tolerate them jumping on every person that comes into the house. It is important to make sure that you do this as a response every time they act up. A solid routine and repeating the lesson is the quickest way to teach obedience to a dog. It is important that you do not muddle the dogs up by offering them one rule at one time and another at a different time – absolute strictness is required for it to go in.

The same tricks will, generally, work with older dogs. It will not be as easy with an older dog though. This is because, as mentioned, dogs are creatures of habit – their habits are easily built up and difficult to change. Changing the standard behaviour of a dog for many years is not something you can expect to do in an instant, but can be done. Ignoring the dog is a very effective option when it comes to halting this behaviour. Attention seeking is the main driving factor behind dogs that jump on people. If you refuse to acknowledge this and don’t give the dog any attention, you take away any reason they have to jump on you.

It can be just as important that other people ignore the dog when it jumps on them. Their reaction to the dog jumping on them should be exactly the same – straight out ignoring it. Dogs rely entirely on routine and repetition to learn messages – if they do not get this from everyone else as well as their owner, it simply will not go in. With these few tips and a will to succeed, it is easy to stop your dog jumping on people.

Steven is a dog training enthusiast. To learn more about how to stop a dog from jumping on people, visit how to stop dog jumping

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