Ultimate House Training Guide really is the ultimate guide for house training your puppy or dog. It is 120 pages full of information designed to help you get your new puppy house broken the very easiest way possible. Anyone who has ever tried to house train a puppy knows what a stressful and difficult process this usually is.

With this terrific guide you get that often nasty job accomplished with a minimum of fuss and mess. The Ultimate House Training Guide not only teaches you the best house training techniques, but also provides a lot of valuable relevant information about the caring for and raising of your new puppy.

The Ultimate House Training Guide is written by Dr. Mark Edwards, an experienced veterinarian and author of many step by step dog guides. Dr. Edwards teaches you about using only positive reinforcement methods to house train your pet. If you are familiar with the old fashioned methods using newspapers on the floor, and hitting your pet with a rolled up newspaper or rubbing your dog’s nose in a puddle of pee, get ready to learn a whole new approach that works much better.

In fact, you will learn not to use any negative or harsh methods at all. Dr. Edwards teaches you how to use the Crate Training Method for getting the quickest results with house training your puppy or dog. The writing is very logical and features an easy to follow step by step approach. You will learn exactly how long you can safely leave your pet inside his crate. For instance, very young puppies must be let out more frequently because their bladders are so tiny.

In case you have adopted an older dog, who still has “accidents” in the house, The Ultimate House Training Guide will help you with training your older dog to become house broken. Sometimes puppies or older dogs will pee because they feel intimidated by something. This is called “submission urinating” and is something else that Dr. Edwards teaches you how to correct in The Ultimate House Training Guide.

Because every dog is unique, and some may present you with a weird problem that isn’t adequately discussed in his book, Dr. Edwards will help answer your personal questions through email consultation and through the Forum at Kingdom of Pets, probably the best dog training Forum on the Internet. To cover this eventuality, the folks bringing you The Ultimate House Training Guide have also made it possible to get help via their 24 hour Dog Training Forum, so you can get free email consultations to deal with any special problems your puppy or dog may be giving you. The folks at Kingdom of Pets are also responsible for the best online dog training book Secrets to Dog Training, so their products are guaranteed to be of the very highest quality.

In fact, Mark Edwards is so sure that the training you will receive in The Ultimate House Training guide will work for you, that he also has included a 60-day money back guarantee. I love his motto, which is “the only time your dog will lift a leg in the house will be to shake hands.”  Since it takes less than 60 days to house train your puppy, you’ll have more than ample time to see if his training system works for you and your pet. Using the advice Dr. Edwards gives in his guide will undoubtedly have your dog going potty outside, of you get every bit of your money back.

I know from experience that his training does work excellently, so I can highly recommend The Ultimate House Training Guide to you. If you want a great guide full of helpful techniques to make house breaking your pet the least possible stressful (or messy) experience for you and your pet, I highly recommend that you get yourself a copy of the Ultimate House Training Guide and keep your floor and house unspoiled by your pet’s accidents.

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