You don’t need to be an expert dog trainer in order to successfully raise an obedient pet. The vast majority of raising an animal is teaching them to go potty in a designated place. This is the most important aspect of successfully raising an animal for many people.

Dog are by nature very clean creatures. They do not want to dirty any of their living areas, especially if it is where they sleep and eat. However, as a pet owner, you must also realize that dogs are creatures of habit. They love to recognize patterns and form specific habits. To successfully train your pet, you should try to exploit this habit and teach them patterns to urinate and defecate at designated times of the day. If you condition your dog to relieve themselves on grass, then a dog will also urinate on the grass. Likewise if you teach them to perform this act indoors, they will continue to follow this habit for their lifetime.

This is the starting point. Be sure the spot you select is small, enclosed. A bathing room works best for this, or a spot in a kitchen area or service area also works properly. Understand that crate training helps with young puppies or small dogs, however for the bigger pets, the crate can become too confining.

The next step is to make note of the times of day that you feed your dog. Like we mentioned earlier, dogs are entirely creatures of habit. Just as how you should be feeding your dog at the same time everyday, dogs will soon start to pee and poo at certain times of the day. Note when the time that your dog needs to relieve themselves occurs in relation to their feeding time, and you can designate a toilet area and time that much easier.

Looking to train your dog in a hurry? Consider using positive affirmation to drive your message home. Everytime your dog is successful at defecating in his designated location, give him a treat or scratch on the head. Avoid punishing and yelling at the dog for making a mistake. This usually only confuses the animal and can delay progress much further.

Lyndon Xavier has over 20 years of experience as a professional animal trainer. Find out more about dog obedience training at his website about pets and animals.

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