As dogs originally bred for hunting, Jack Russells are known for being fearless, active, and intelligent dogs. Since they often have a lot of pent up energy, it is best to have them engage in various activities to avoid potentially aggressive or destructive behavior. Common activities for Jack Russells include playing Frisbee or flyball.

Jack Russell training may pose as a challenge to many since most Jack Russells are blatantly strong-willed. However, with patience, the right attitude, and the right technique, Jack Russell training should not be difficult at all. As with any dog training method, be sure to understand the true meaning of being a pack leader. A typical Jack Russell will instinctively try to manhandle its master, but so long as you establish early on that YOU are the pack leader, your Jack Russell will learn to be happy to obey your commands. Just like any other dog, Jack Russells enjoy being able to please their masters.

When it comes to Jack Russell training involving a Frisbee, first, you must introduce the Frisbee as a toy to your dog. It would help to associate the Frisbee with a treat to get your dog excited about the activity you are about to introduce. Once you get your Jack Russell comfortable with the Frisbee, start playing tug-of-war with your Jack Russell using the Frisbee. This encourages the dog to have the Frisbee in its possession whenever possible. Eventually, whenever you throw that Frisbee, your Jack Russell will learn to be more than eager to retrieve it for you.

The next part of this little Jack Russell training bit is to teach your dog to release that Frisbee after retrieving it. You may have noticed how most dogs often retrieve objects and end up simply running away with it. For this activity, you want your Jack Russell to actually bring that Frisbee back to you. Once it retrieves the Frisbee, take it from its mouth and give it a treat. Do not reward your Jack Russell for simply chasing after the Frisbee; give it a treat only when it brings the Frisbee back to you.

Flyball is a dog sport that involves having your Jack Russell race against other dogs along a course that includes a line of hurdles that leads to a box that releases a ball or Frisbee. Your Jack Russels goal is to retrieve and bring that ball or Frisbee back to you as fast as possible. The same method of Jack Russell training is used in this activity, except that some trainers opt to do it in a backward sequential manner. Meaning, your concern should be getting your dog to retrieve the ball or Frisbee first then having it return to you while passing through the hurdles. Later on, it will be almost second nature to your Jack Russell to go through all those hurdles in order to get to the ball or Frisbee.

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