What is the one training every dog starts with? The easiest of course, Sit. For most dogs this is a very natural position to be in. Sit is not really a trick but an important life skill, one of the four “basics” that EVERY dog should know. Sit is probably the easiest to train, but still requires patience, eagerness and a large handful of rewards.

I believe nearly all the tricks that you train your dog to know, should be hands off, using a technique named “Positive Reinforcement” this potentially results in setting your dog up to succeed and not fail. By positively enforcing something correct (e.g. with yours dogs currency this could be toys, or for most dogs, snacks) they will soon learn that carrying out that action results in them being praised.

To carry out any trick you will need to show the action that you desire so that your dog knows what to do. You could use a a word like “Yes” or “Good” but puppies find human language perplexing especially in their first few months, so I find a faster technique to train is to utilize a clicker. This is just a small box with a metal strip in, that when pushed makes a short loud noise, and these can be bought at any local pet store ( for more information on clickers and clicker training keep checking us out because I will be telling you on how to utilize them, when to use them and what exactly to use them for).

Now simply using this basic guide you can train your puppy to sit in the following 20 twenty minutes.

1. Kneel or sit down before your puppy and hold the reward a just above his head.
2. Show your dog that you have a reward pinched between your finger and your thumb, but don’t let your dog have it.
3. Gently move the reward in a straight line back over your dog’s head. If he starts moving back the reward is too high.
4. You should see your puppy’s nose point up and his rear drop to the floor (It is worth remembering your dog doesn’t get how the technique works yet. He will probably only start to really get it after he has done a couple of training sessions or a few days)
5. Once you have tried this 10-15 times and you have seen no result and you have varied lots of altered heights and speeds with rewards then very softly bring your puppy into a sit and instantaneously click and reward and shower him loads of praise.
6. Once your puppy is sitting invariably try a longer duration up to roughly twenty seconds.

Tip! to absolutely give a boost to this, ask your dog to sit just for a second just before his dinner.

If you would like more information on training your puppy or dog to do basic training and tricks check out http://www.puppy-small.com before you know it your small puppy will be doing more tricks than you thought possible.

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