The major problem with house training a dog is encouraging  them to do their business where you want them to and when you want them to.  If you fail at house training your pet you will end up with a house, furniture and furnishings that smell like a doggie urinal.  This is not pleasant for you or for your dog. Remember that dogs, by nature are a neat animal.  They do not like to use their living space as a potty.  Very young puppies know instinctively that they ought to defecate only outside their living space.

The training must start when you first bring your puppy home.  Try a box or basket covered with a newspaper and plastic film.  The “puppy pads” that are now available really work well especially if properly scented.  The training area can be as simple as several sheets of newspaper on the floor away from the living space.  When we first brought our 3 year old Yorkie home from the puppy rescue league, he was very nervous around us.  We didn’t know what to look for when he wanted to go.  As a result he did make a couple of mistakes.  We soon learned that when he wanted to go outside he became fidgety and would go to my wife and bump her leg with his nose.  Since we observed this and took action when he indicated that he had to go he has made no mistakes in the house.  The best way to learn your dogs signals is through careful observation.  If you do observe a particular behavior just prior to him going, then interrupt his pattern and take him outside.  This will pay off greatly in the long run.  Remember to give plenty of praise when he does make it outside.  A smart puppy will soon get what you what you want them to do. Even adult dogs will eventually learn to go outside even if they have not been trained to do so in the past.

If your dog does make a mistake and goes inside you will need to get rid of the odor.  There are many products on the market that are specifically designed to do this.  Check with your local pet retailer.  If you fail to eliminate the odor your dog will want to defecate in the same area again.  It’s just his nature. 

While you are house training a dog, you need to be vigilant about cleanliness and hygiene of the surroundings.  This will help to avoid infection or other health related problem.  If you need additional information it can be found by going to

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