A few helpful steps can be the difference between house training your dog easily or struggling for weeks and cleaning up lots of “accidents.”

Whether you are training a puppy or adult dog, the method is pretty much the same. It’s simple really – you want to teach your dog to go potty outside, not in the house.

Dog Training In 4 Easy Steps

When you start training your puppy, first and foremost, establish how you will reward him for good behavior. This is usually done by saying “Yes!” in an approving tone and following up by giving him a treat. When your puppy understands that “Yes!” comes with a treat, you are ready to begin the house training process.

Anytime your dog shows signs that he needs to go potty, encourage him to go outside. Like humans, dogs often have to relieve themselves after eating, during or after exercise/play and anytime anything exciting or stressful happens. So, during these times, watch the dog for signs that he needs to go potty. Most dog have a specific behavior they repeat which may include sniffing the floor, squatting or pushing up against you so you are paying attention.

When you take him in the backyard, stay with him and lead him to a particular place that you have picked out or possibly a place that he has picked out himself before. Always go to the same place. Wait with him. If he does his thing, praise him and reward him immediately after so he associates going potty with outside with praise. Dogs are creatures of happy, a few consistent days and you will be well on your way to having a house trained dog.

If he doesn’t go while you have him outdoors, go back inside but continue to keep an eye on him.

Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? Mostly it is, but you should keep the following in mind:

If you leave the dog unattended in the house while you are out, leave him somewhere that you will not mind him making a mess. Or train him to use a puppy pad (found at most pet stores) or on newspaper.

Most importantly, never punish, yell or talk angrily to your dog if he has messed in the house. This will only make it worse. If he even understands that you are angry with him, all he will do is hide from you which may mean he will also start going potty in the house in his “secret” spots.

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