When you are house breaking a puppy make sure you praise him and reward him when he goes potty in his designated area. Always praise him once he has finished his business to reinforce the training. House breaking a puppy takes time and should not be rushed. The phrase you determine needs to be used each time you take your puppy to his designated potty spot. When house breaking a puppy you need to come up with a specific word or phrase for telling your puppy to go potty when you put him in his designated potty area. Establishing a schedule when house breaking a puppy is necessary, not only a schedule for feeding but also a schedule for going outside first thing in the morning and right before going to bed. Each puppy learns differently, just like people. And you need to stick to those habits. Puppies will usually need to go to the bathroom after they finish their meals. Play time should last between fifteen and thirty minutes. You will need to determine what area of your yard you will designate as your puppy’s potty area. Remember to take your puppy outside to his designated potty area frequently, especially when he is young. You also need to provide a routine play time with your puppy. Puppies need to be fed at least three times per day so you will need to make sure you are available to take him outside after each meal, and give him enough time to do his business. So if your puppy is two months old he will probably be able to hold himself for up to two hours. That will reinforce his behavior and he will want to continue to please you and obtain those rewards. Puppies are not able to hold their need to relieve themselves for long periods of time. The more consistent you are with your puppy’s daily routine the better your chances are to successfully housebreak your puppy in less time. You can use terms like “go potty”, “hurry up”, “do your business” or a variety of other terms.

Once this is determine you need to be consistent with taking your puppy to that designated spot frequently. Be consistent with the schedule you establish along with the entire training and it will result in a well behaved companion. The best way to fully train a puppy is to be consistent with your methods. You need to develop good habits as soon as you bring your new puppy home. So it would benefit you and your puppy to take them outside right after they eat and wait until they have eliminated before bringing him back in. Feeding and providing water for your new puppy on an established schedule can also help when you are house breaking a puppy. A good rule of thumb to help you to determine how long your new puppy can hold himself is about one hour for each month of age.

This will eventually lead to faster elimination when visiting his area.


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