Naturally, dogs do not have their own designated beds. In fact, any place, anywhere can be their sleeping spot. However, for our pet dogs, we hope that our dogs can sleep in their very own dog beds instead of ending up sleeping in a place where we could just topple over any time. This article is a guide to raining your dog to sleep in his own bed.


First, choose a specific location where dog beds can be placed without blocking people’s way. This is so that he will not need to get up each time someone needs to use that path. Instead, choose a location that will not get in the way, like a corner of a room, or under a table. Just make sure that it is in an area where people will be around a lot so that your dog will feel secured. Along with that, place your dog’s favorite toy there so that he will think that the area is safe for him.


Next, you will want to try putting your dog to bed. Point at his bed, and repeat to him “your bed” several times. Then, use your stay command to him and retreat yourself from the scene. If there is a specific time you want him in bed but he roams away from there then, get him back into the bed, and again, point and repeat to him that the bed is his, until he manages to stay on his own. This may not be instantaneously successful within the first couple of days, but eventually, he will get used to it and sleep in his own bed. Once he knows that the bed is his and that he should sleep in it, command him to go to his bed when you want him to use his bed.


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